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A Gilbert & Sullivan Gala / Tovey, Dahl, Forrester, et al

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> Iolanthe - Iolanthe: Overture
> The Yeomen of the Guard - The Yeoman of the Guard: I have a song to sing O!
> HMS Pinafore - The hours creep on apace
> HMS Pinafore - Never mind the why the wherefore
> The Pirates of Penzance - I am the very model of a modern Major-General
> The Pirates of Penzance - Dialogue
> The Gondoliers - The Gondoliers: In a contemplative fashion
> The Pirates of Penzance - All is prepared
> The Pirates of Penzance - Stay, Frederic, stay
> Iolanthe - Iolanthe: Love, unrequited, robs me, "The Nightmare Song"
> The Mikado - The Mikado: 3 little maids
> Trial by Jury - Finale: O joy unbounded
> Trial by Jury - Dialogue
> Iolanthe - Iolanthe: O foolish fay
> The Pirates of Penzance - Stop, ladies pray!
> The Pirates of Penzance - O is there not one maiden breast?
> The Pirates of Penzance - Poor wand'ring one
> The Pirates of Penzance - Dialogue
> The Mikado - The List Song: As some day it may happen
> The Mikado - The flowers that bloom in the spring
> The Mikado - Alone and yet alive
> The Mikado - Tit Willow: On a tree by a river a little tom-tit
> The Mikado - There is beaurty in the bellow of the blast
> The Mikado - Finale: For he's gone and married Yum-Yum
> The Gondoliers - The Gondoliers: Once more gondolieri


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