Various Artists: Monster Music! [Box]

Track List

>Son of Kong: Main Title, The
>Son of Kong: Ship at Sea, The
>Son of Kong: In Dakang, The
>Son of Kong: Runaway Blues, The
>Son of Kong: Fire!, The
>Son of Kong: An Offer of Help, The
>Son of Kong: Memories, The
>Son of Kong: Chinese Chatter, The
>Son of Kong: Forgotten Island, The
>Son of Kong: Quicksand - Little Kong, The
>Son of Kong: The Styracosaur, The
>Son of Kong: The Black Bear, The
>Son of Kong: Finger Fixings, The
>Son of Kong: Campfire at Night, The
>Son of Kong: The Old Temple, The
>Son of Kong: Johnny Get Your Gun, The
>Son of Kong: Finale, The
>Most Dangerous Game: Main Title, The
>Most Dangerous Game: The Wreck, The
>Most Dangerous Game: The Approach, The
>Most Dangerous Game: Russian Waltz, The
>Most Dangerous Game: Incidental Musi c, The
>Most Dangerous Game: Agitato, The
>Most Dangerous Game: The Iron Door, The
>Most Dangerous Game: Night, The
>Most Dangerous Game: The Count Appro aches, The
>Most Dangerous Game: Misterioso Dram atico, The
>Most Dangerous Game: The Chase, The
>Most Dangerous Game: The Chase Conti nues, The
>Most Dangerous Game: The Waterfall, The
>Most Dangerous Game: The Fight, The
>Most Dangerous Game: Escape - Finale, The
>Universal Signature
>House of Frankenstein: Main Title
>Lightning Strikes
>House of Frankenstein: Gruesome Twosome Escape
>House of Frankenstein: Strangulation
>House of Frankenstein: Off to Vasaria
>House of Frankenstein: Chamber of Horrors
>House of Frankenstein: Dracula Restored
>House of Frankenstein: Dracula's Ring
>House of Frankenstein: The Burgomaster Murdered
>House of Frankenstein: Rendezvous with Dracula
>House of Frankenstein: The World Beyond
>House of Frankenstein: Dracula Pursued
>House of Frankenstein: Dracula Destroyed
>Gypsy Tantums
>House of Frankenstein: Ilonka Whipped
>House of Frankenstein: Dan's Love
>House of Frankenstein: The Ruins
>House of Frankenstein: The Monstrosities
>Wolf Man Revived
>Show Me the Records
>House of Frankenstein: Travels
>House of Frankenstein: Hunchback's Jealousy
>House of Frankenstein: Niemann's Laboratory
>House of Frankenstein: Liquefying Brains
>House of Frankenstein: Niemann's Revenge
>House of Frankenstein: The Pentagram
>House of Frankenstein: Full Moon
>House of Frankenstein: Silver Bullet
>House of Frankenstein: Dr. Niemann Successful
>House of Frankenstein: The Moon is Full
>House of Frankenstein: Larry at Peace
>House of Frankenstein: Dr. Niemann Attacked
>House of Frankenstein: Death of the Unholy Two
>House of Frankenstein: End Cast
>King Kong: Main Title
>King Kong: A Boat in the Fog
>King Kong: The Island - The Railing
>King Kong: Jungle Dance
>King Kong: Meeting with the Black Men (punia! casco!!)
>King Kong: The Little Monkey Escapes
>King Kong: Sea at Night - Forgotten Island
>King Kong: Aboriginal Sacrificial Dance
>King Kong: Entrance of Kong - The Sailors - Stegosaurus
>King Kong: The Bronte
>King Kong: Log Sequence
>King Kong: Cryptic Shadows
>King Kong: Stolen Love - The Cave
>King Kong: The Snake - The Bird - The Swimmers
>King Kong: The Return
>King Kong: Hey Look Out! It's Kong, Kong's Coming!
>King Kong: King Kong March
>King Kong: Fanfares 1, 2, 3
>King Kong: Kong Escapes
>King Kong: Elevated Train Sequence
>King Kong: Aeroplanes
>King Kong: Finale (It was Beauty Killed the Beast)
>Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Brides
>Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Party
>Bram Stoker's Dracula: Mina / Elizabeth
>Bram Stoker's Dracula: Vampire Hunters
>Bram Stoker's Dracula: Mina / Dracula
>Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Storm
>König der letzten Tage: Intrada
>König der letzten Tage: Sanctus
>König der letzten Tage: Canzona
>König der letzten Tage: Miserere
>König der letzten Tage: Agnus Dei
>König der letzten Tage: Gloria
>Death and the Maiden: The Confession
>Death and the Maiden: Paulina's Theme
>Death and the Maiden: Roberto's Last Chance
>Beads of One Rosary: The Beads of On e Rosary, The
>Pearl in the Crown: Cue Numbers 26-27
>Pearl in the Crown: Cue Number 28
>Universal Signature
>Son of Frankenstein: Main Title
>Son of Frankenstein: The Message
>Son of Frankenstein: The General
>Son of Frankenstein: Discovery - Blute Solo
>Son of Frankenstein: The Examination - Looking for a Monster
>Son of Frankenstein: Death of Ygor
>Son of Frankenstein: Monster's Rampage
>Son of Frankenstein: Finale - The Cast
>Universal Signature
>Invisible Man Returns: Main Title, The
>Invisible Man Returns: Two Hours to Live, The
>Invisible Man Returns: Together, The
>Invisible Man Returns: Resting, The
>Invisible Man Returns: The Ghost, The
>Invisible Man Returns: The Return, The
>Invisible Man Returns: End Title, The
>Universal Signature
>Wolf Man: Main Title, The
>Wolf Man: The Telescope, The
>Wolf Man: Wolf-Bane, The
>Wolf Man: The Kill, The
>Wolf Man: Bela's Funeral, The
>Wolf Man: Desperation, The
>Wolf Man: Sir John's Discovery, The
>Curse of the Werewolf: Prelude
>Curse of the Werewolf: The Beggar
>Curse of the Werewolf: Servant Girl and Beggar
>Curse of the Werewolf: Revenge and Escape
>Curse of the Werewolf: Baptism
>Curse of the Werewolf: Pastoral
>Curse of the Werewolf: Leon's Assignation
>Curse of the Werewolf: A Deadly Transformation
>Curse of the Werewolf: Leon Confronts the Horror
>Curse of the Werewolf: Leon Imprisoned
>Curse of the Werewolf: Final Transformation
>Curse of the Werewolf: Finale
>So Long at the Fair: Introduction / Sea Prelude / Carriage and Pair / Long Forgotten Melody / Carriage and Pair
>Net: Love Theme, The
>Prisoner: Prelude, The
>Prisoner: The Prison, The
>Prisoner: Cat and Mouse, The
>Prisoner: Cardinal and Interrogator, The
>Prisoner: Mind Games, The
>Prisoner: Civil Unrest, The
>Prisoner: Solitary Confinement, The
>Prisoner: The Dark, The
>Prisoner: The Confession, The
>Prisoner: Last Meal, The
>Prisoner: Finale, The

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Who on this planet has never seen KING KONG and heard Max Steiner's powerful innovative music more than once? Here's a treasure trove of classic scary music that these 20th Century composers gave their best and probably never thought would ever be heard again and especially newly recorded! Film fans and scholars in every future century will continue to discover and study this music art form and give the composers their unexpected and rightful immortality! - Craig Spaulding, Screen Archives Entertainment

Art Times
The program notes for all of Naxos sets are excellent. And having seen these films will one help appreciate the scores all the more.

Album Notes

Naxos' six-CD box set Monster Music! is a collection of classic horror film soundtracks that have been re-created for the digital age in recordings by conductors William Stromberg, Carl Davis, and Antoni Wit. The films evoked in this package are King Kong and House of Frankenstein (each represented by their complete scores), with selections from Bram Stoker's Dracula, Curse of the Werewolf, Son of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Wolf Man, and a handful of less famous titles. The restorations and reconstructions by John Morgan preserve the music that gave these movies their emotional power and more than a few of their chills. If one composer dominates this set, it is the celebrated Max Steiner, whose musical contributions to King Kong, Son of Kong, and The Most Dangerous Game should be instantly recognized by film buffs. The set also includes scores by Hans J. Salter, Paul Dessau, Frank Skinner, Benjamin Frankel, and Wojciech Kilar, who is best known for his atmospheric music for Stoker's Dracula. The performances by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra give vivid impressions that retain the energy and color of the originals. Naxos provides its customary fine sound, and though there is some variability between the different performances, which were recorded between 1994 and 2005, the set is quite consistent in audio quality.


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