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Jasper Britton/Roy McMillan: Pirates!

Track List

>Setting Out
>Pirates in the Ancient World
>No-one is Certain Who These 'Sea People' Were...
>Barbary Corsairs, The
>Barbarossa Brothers, The
>Barbarossas Left an Impres sive Legacy..., The
>Jack 'Birdy' Ward
>He Had Become Something of a Robin Hood Figure...
>Pirates of the Caribbean
>Sir Francis Drake
>Gruesome Alert!
>Sir Henry Morgan
>Captain William Kidd
>Generally, Pirates Preferred to Intimidate Their Enemies...
>By Hook or By Crook - Howell Davis
>Howell Davis Ctd. Recognising His Own Skill at Charm and Deceit...
>Bartholomew Roberts
>Gruesome Alert! Edward Low and Daniel Montbars
>Articles, The
>Gruesome Alert!
>Bang! Bang! You're Dead
>Pieces of Eight and X Doesn't Mark the Spot
>Gruesome Alert! François l'Olonnais
>Stede Bonnet
>Not-so-Jolly Roger
>John Rackham - Calico Jack
>Here Come the Girls...
>Anne Bonny
>Mary Read
>Grace O'Malley
>South China Seas and Lai C hoi San, The
>Gruesome Alert!
>Greatest Pirate Ever: Chen g I Sao, The (1775-1844)
>John Boysie Singh
>Gruesome Alert!
>Piracy Now: Plus Ça Change
>End of the Voyage, The

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Sound Commentary
McMillan does not overlook present day piracy, and even piracy of the future, in space, no less. Avast, ye mateys! Do not miss Pirates!

Album Notes

Composers: Hector Berlioz; Claude Debussy; Felix Mendelssohn.

Personnel: Jasper Britton (spoken vocals); Catherine King (mezzo soprano); Sarah Butcher (programming).

Liner Note Author: Roy McMillan.

Recording information: Motivation Sound Studios, London.

Editor: Sarah Butcher.

Ensembles: Hot Springs Music Festival; Rose Consort of Viols; Estampie; Ensemble Unicorn; Arcadia Ensemble.

Arranger: Graham Derrick.


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