Abed Azrié: Epic of Gilgamesh [Digipak]

Track List

>Enkidou [Enkidu]
>Le Chasseur [The Huner]
>La Femme [The Woman]
>Paroles de la Femme [Words of the Woman]
>Réponses d'Enkidou [Answer of Enkidu]
>Les Bergers [The Shepherds]
>Ourouk [Uruk]
>La Lutte [The Struggle]
>L'amitié [The Friendship]
>L'aventure [The Adventure]
>La Vaillance [Heroism]
>Les Préparatifs de l'Expédition [Preparing for Campaign]
>La Forêt des Cèdres [The Cedar Wood]
>Refus de Gilgamesh [Refusal of Gilgamesh]
>Colère d'Ishtar [Wrath of Ishtar]
>Le Taureau Céleste [The Bull of Heaven]
>Lamentation d'Ishtar [Lament of Ishtar]
>Retour des Deux Héros [Return of the Two Heroes]
>Songes d'Enkidou [Dreams of Enkidu]
>Mort d'Enkidou [Death of Enkidu]
>Pleurs de Gilgamesh [Weeping of Gilgamesh]
>L'Homme-Scorpion [The Scorpion Man]
>L'humaine Condition [The Human Condition]
>OUr-Shanabi [Urshanabi]
>Outa-Napishtim [Uta-Napishtim]
>La Leçcon Humaine [The Human Lesson]
>Le Déluge [The Flood]
>Épilogue [Epilogue]
>[Bonus Material]

Album Notes

Personnel: Abed Azrié (chant); Jean-Lou Descamps (alto); Khaled Aljaramani (oud); Taoufiq Mirkhan (qanoun); Mohamed Fityan (nay).

Liner Note Author: Hubert Haddad.

This highly intriguing contemporary Arabic-language setting of the world's oldest known epic combines song and recitation to a small Euro-Arab musical ensemble with spoken passages, in a re-creation (imaginative rather than literal, of course) of the way in which the earliest epics may have been performed. The notes provide an English prose translation of each section, but infuriatingly gives no information on the performers or the concept behind this version. ~ John Storm Roberts, Original Music


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