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Various Artists: All About Bullies...Big and Small

Track List

>Jump Rope - Blue October
>Cooperate - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo/Sugar Free Allstars
>I Opened My Locker - Grover Silcox
>Bully on the Buss Billy - Debbi Calton
>Knock Knock for Isabelle - Jimmy & the Riddlers
>My World Is a Bicycle - Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band
>Red Headed Joe
>Best Friends - Frances England
>Town of Round - Barry Louis Polisar
>A Cyber Tail - Debbi Calton
>Walk Away - Debbie and Friends
>Rolling with It - Cyndy Drue
>No Matter How Small - Dave Kinnoin
>Shorty's Big Bounce Back - Eric Bazilian
>Carlos and His Mexican Accordion
>Anna Louder - Oran Etkin
>Science Fair
>Donkey in a Ditch - Les Julian
>Light Finger Lenny - Grover Silcox
>Tall Jenna
>Get to Know Me - Helen Bruner/Terry Jones
>Positive Change
>Two Wolves - John Flynn
>Joyful Haikus - Michael Brant DeMaria/Savannah Schultz/Bryan Rose
>Until I Met Tim - Jonathan Sprout
>Courage - Peter Alsop
>Albert (An Einstein)
>Leap of Faith - Marla Lewis
>Push and Shove
>I Know a Kid - The Battersby Duo
>Keep Your Chin Up - Miss Amy - (featuring Patrick Otey/Alex Otey)
>Red Sneakers
>Turning the Page to a Good Vibe Is Best
>Where Are Ya?
>Best Gig Ever - May Pang
>Check Your Attitude - Whitney Peyton & Only Human

Album Notes

Illustrator: Steve Pullara.

Arranger: Pat Robinson .


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