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Philip Blackburn: Ghostly Psalms, for large chorus, organ and instruments / Ellen Fullmann, Theresa Wong

> Duluth Harbor Serenade - Duluth Harbor Serenade
> Ghostly Psalms - No. 1. Jungle Litany -
> Ghostly Psalms - No. 2. Draw On, Sweet Night -
> Ghostly Psalms - No. 3. Roots of a Magic Square -
> Ghostly Psalms - No. 4. The Shadow of my Shadow -
> Ghostly Psalms - No. 5. Non Judgment Day Is Nigh -
> Ghostly Psalms - No. 6. Now, More or Less Than Ever -
> Ghostly Psalms - No. 7. Beyond and Above -
> Ghostly Psalms - No. 8. Scratch I-Ching -
> Ghostly Psalms - No. 9. Hymn to the Solar System
> Gospel Jihad - Gospel Jihad

Album Summary

>Blackburn, Philip : Duluth Harbor Serenade
>Blackburn, Philip : Ghostly Psalms, for voices, speakers, chorus & ensemble
>Blackburn, Philip : Gospel Jihad, for chorus
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Notes & Reviews:

Some say that an artist's output is necessarily autobiographical. This set of three substantial works by Philip Blackburn does nothing to disprove that; they have his visionary DNA all over them. They show his deep concern for space, people, and ideas discovering each other through sounding and listening in the moment of performance. From a city-wide organized industrial soundscape to a virtuoso Cambridge choir, from a brainwave-generated laptop solo to Ellen Fullman's 80-foot long string instrument with cloistered nuns blowing on organ pipes, these live events are as audacious as they are unrepeatable: Community-based experimental music at its most raw and refined, fun and profound.

After producing nearly 400 albums for the innova label, this is the first disc devoted to Blackburn's own music. His work as an environmental sound artist has made plants, sewer-, and eco-systems audible, and has animated harbors, science museums, children's festivals, parks, parking lots, and deserts with extra opportunities for community listening.


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Works Details

>Blackburn, Philip : Duluth Harbor Serenade
  • Performers: Justin Rubin (Piano); John Conroy; William Chen (Piano); Philip Blackburn (Electronics); Isaac Enyard; Florence Wright; Elias Mokole; Ben Tryton; Waabi Furo; Shannon Midbrod; Ryan Kaiser; Justin Leroux; Julie Conroy; Jason Ratajek; Preston Wright (Percussion)
  • Conductor: Philip Blackburn
  • Ensemble: Wild Music Chorus
  • Running Time: 8 min. 6 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary

>Blackburn, Philip : Ghostly Psalms, for voices, speakers, chorus & ensemble
  • Performers: Philip Blackburn (Electronics); Philip Blackburn (10-String Bass); Maria Jette (Soprano)
  • Running Time: 48 min. 21 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary

>Blackburn, Philip : Gospel Jihad, for chorus
  • Performers: Philip Blackburn (Electronics); Cambridge Clare College Choir
  • Running Time: 5 min. 10 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary