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Jeremy Haladyna: Mayan Time, Mayan Tales: Music from the Mayan Cycle

Track List

>Princess of the 9 Cave: 1., The
>Princess of the 9 Cave: 2., The
>Princess of the 9 Cave: 3., The
>Crystal Skull of Lubaantun, The
>Xunaan Balam (Jaguar Queen)
>Tollan 1- Place of the Reeds
>Xtaj (Lust Woman, or, La Llorona)

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

The best way to really listen to the end of the Mayan Great Cycle is with this new release by Jeremy Haladyna titled Mayan Time/Mayan Tales. Throughout this disc, sound bears direct witness to the Maya and their calendars - Mayan notions of time reborn as scales. And atop the scales, tales: of a crystal skull, a fearsome temptress, a still-living bird that saw Creation, and a princess who gave her soul to marimba music. Microtonalism comes to archaeology.

Following Selections From the Mayan Cycle (inn754), this second release explores the peculiarly magical works of Jeremy Haladyna who has ventured ever more deeply into the mystery of Maya culture, resulting in his unique collection, THE MAYAN CYCLE.

American Record Guide, July / August 2012
Haladyna uses a water-glass harmonica and manipulations of the sounds of glass rods striking glass. I of Tollan, 'Place of Reeds', takes its name as inspiration for instrumentation. The organ and oboe attempt to musically interpret the birthplace of prehistory. Haladyna's created scales and rotations, based on the wheels of the calendar, and his angular lines create a modernist feel; but the chromaticism used sounds different when microtones are key intervals.

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Jeremy Haladyna.

Editors: Jeremy Haladyna; Kevin Kelly; John Nelson .

Photographers: Jack Harris ; David Cahlander; Antonio Beardall; Preston Wright.


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