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Voices of Heaven [3 CDs]

Notes & Reviews:

Collective singing has accompanied worship since the dawn of the Christian age, acting as one of the key engines for spreading religious faith. Tympanand capitals in cathedrals and stained glass windows in churches illustrate the fervor with which the faithful of the Middle Ages celebrated the glory of God. Religious music often intoxicates our ears as well as our hearts as it shifts between lamentation and radiant joy. How can one fail to be moved when one visits a vaulted chapel or cloister and hears those magnificently soaring polyphonies which bring back childhood memories in each one of us as a result of the deep impression left on the imagination by the majesty of ritual. In our restless time, there is an increasing demand for spiritual orientated music. Voices of Heaven are a poignant three hour musical journey throughout sacred music from Medieval Gregoraian chants to 20th Centru Smaeul Barber's Agnus Dei. A heavenly roster of Virgin Classics artists are heard on this release. They have come together to perform some of the most enlightening classical pieces to date. From divine Faure's Requiem to the masterful Allegri's Miserere, Voices of Heaven will transport listeners to Paradise.


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