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Redd Foxx: I Ain't Lied Yet! [PA]

Track List

>Stephen Foster
>Faith Healer
>Black Brains
>Prose & Poetry
>Makin' Sandwitches
>Country Boy
>Atlanta, GA
>Sniffing Pepper
>I Love You
>Raffle Ticket
>Everything's Big
>Rat Trap
>Organ Transplant
>Get Tight
>Say Hamburger
>Kiss Urass Goodbye

Album Reviews:

Entertainment Weekly (1/20/95, pp.50-51) - "...so raw it makes sushi seem overcooked! Crude, scatological, and unapologetically raunchy, Foxx was the dirty-old-man answer to Henny Youngman. You'll laugh and wince at the same time..." - Rating: B

Album Notes

Includes liner notes by Michael Gonzalez.

Digitally remastered by Dan Kincaid.

Although ribald comedian Redd Foxx sold literally millions of long players from the 1950s through the '70s, poor and often unscrupulous business practices left the "Party Album" pioneer broke and with no control over a majority of his recorded legacy. This CD reissue of I Ain't Lied Yet (1994) features a prototypical Foxx nightclub act circa the late '60s/early '70s. As with a majority of his vintage titles, there is no liner information indicating the origins of the performance(s) contained within. However, Foxx's usual modus operandi is to weave a variety of tales and yarns with a loose sexual and racial motif threaded throughout. In essence, that was the beauty of his provocative patter. As he was not a terrific storyteller, Foxx developed unique forms of delivery and segues to keep his somewhat limited subject matter interesting and perpetually fresh. As such, "Prose & Poetry" -- which is basically a few minutes of lascivious limericks -- and the tale of post-coitus rationalizations on "Makin' Sandwiches" have been included on a number of other shows and dozens of additional releases. Another example on this platter is "Atlanta, GA" -- in which Foxx relates the differences between the relaxed pronunciations prominent among Southerners -- such as "poor" being shortened to simply po'. After establishing the premise with the regional precursor, he injects the racier entries like ho'...for, well, you can guess. Although somewhat short, for fans of so-called "blue humor," I Ain't Lied Yet is a definite good time with Foxx at the top of his quick-witted game. The audio quality, while a bit muffled, is fully audible and replicates the night club atmosphere with glasses clinking, drink orders being barked out by already intoxicated patrons, and the irreverent howls of attendees at the often profane punch lines. ~ Lindsay Planer


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