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Roy D. Mercer: Ultimate Fits! The Very Worst of Roy D. Mercer

Track List

>Car Dealer
>Bad Gas
>Dead Trees
>Bad Popcorn
>Bowlin' Ball Fungus
>Police Chief
>Horny Hound
>Load o' Bull
>Yankee in a Strange Land
>Horse Feed
>Giant Squarsh
>Brokearm Mountain
>Statue of Limitations - (previously unreleased)
>Long Gone Salon - (previously unreleased)

Album Notes

Collecting the best from that country-fried character called Roy D. Mercer -- Oklahoma DJ Brent Douglas' alter ego -- Ultimate Fits! is an easy entry point into a discography that's surprisingly large for a set of crank-call albums. When it comes to output, Mercer has already lapped his nearest competition, the Jerky Boys, so the set is necessary, besides being filled with fart jokes, sex jokes, and Yankee jokes. All are pushed aggressively across the wires and onto recipients who are either confused, disgusted, or charmingly tolerant of Mercer's never-ending intestinal distress. "Yankee in a Strange Land" might be the ultimate highlight, where Vanity Fair subscriber meets feed store regular, but any track insinuating a big back-door blowout ("Bad Gas," "Bad Popcorn," "Burrito", etc.) is worth checking. Just don't let ma or pa catch you listening to the mighty Royd, because according to Ultimate Fits!, ass-whuppins are always in fashion. ~ David Jeffries


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