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Bach: Goldberg Variations / Janne Rattya, accordion

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>Bach, Johann Sebastian : Goldberg Variations, BWV 988
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Ondine is pleased to announce a new release by accordionist Janne Rättyä, who performs Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations. It is time to lay aside the prejudices concerning accordion and its reputation as mainly a folk music instrument. The fresh performance and splendid musicality of Janne Rättyä show how expressive and delicate the accordion can be, and even serve the purpose of doing justice to as an iconic keyboard work as the Goldberg Variations.

American Record Guide, November/December 2012
Accordionist Janne Rattya takes a more horizontal approach. He is driven by the line and articulates each voice independently. He casts the seventh variation as a graceful siciliano (the piece is often performed as a gigue, but this is just as convincing). That variation is a fine place to observe his approach to articulation. He has both staccato and legato touches at his disposal but treats both as surface elements. We really hear the structure through the colorful dissonances that permeate the piece: sevenths, ninths, minor-seconds. These are the "in-between" moments where the joints that hold the music together are most audible. He is well aware of how effective chains of suspensions can be on his instrument. He includes several alternate takes of selected variations. His 28th variation reminded me of Rameau's 'Rappel des Oiseaux' with its trilling bird calls and flapping of wings. In the alternate take he plays the continuous trill in a more compressed style. The second option is no less evocative. It sounds like the buzzing of bees. I have never before heard the Goldberg Variations as Rattya plays them. His creative energy is remarkable, and he brings Bach's music to life in a way that is rarely heard on any instrument. Expect to forget that you are hearing a transcription in the first few seconds of the Aria.

BBC Music Magazine, September 2012
Rättyä's questing accordion bestrides the two-keyboard variations with jaw-dropping aplomb, but with all repeats omitted, the overall result is something of a whistle-stop tour.

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: Strauásaal, Residenz Zögemitz, Vienna (09/12/2011); Strauásaal, Residenz Zögemitz, Vienna (11/29/2010-11/30/2010).


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Works Details

>Bach, Johann Sebastian : Goldberg Variations, BWV 988
  • Performer: Janne Rattya (Accordion)
  • Notes: Strauásaal, Residenz Zögemitz, Vienna (09/12/2011); Strauásaal, Residenz Zögemitz, Vienna (11/29/2010-11/30/2010)
  • Running Time: 36 min. 6 sec.
  • Period Time: Baroque
  • Written: 1741