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Various Artists: Surf-Age Nuggets:Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966 [Box]

Track List

>Doheny Run - The Velvetones
>Sheba - The Shan-Tones
>Jack the Ripper - The Valiants
>Echo - Vaqueros
>Scrub Bucket - Johnny McCoy & the Cyclones/Johnny McCoy/The Cyclones
>Moment of Truth - Surf Teens
>Night Ride - The Ramrods
>Earthquake - The Emeralds
>Surfer's Fright - The Runabouts
>Slaughter on 10th Ave. - Avengers VI
>X-L3 - The Phantoms
>Moon Relay - The Vistas
>Mr. Custer Stomp - The Scouts
>Breeze & I, The - The Vibrants
>Batman (Freefalling) - 4 of Us
>Pink Dominos - Crescents/Crescents - (featuring Chiyo)
>Mustang - The Pace-Setters
>Don't Call Me Fly Face - The Reekers
>Garden of Eden, Pt. 2 - The Lincoln Trio
>Jungle Fever - Dick Dale & His Del-Tones
>80 Ft. Wave - Vaqueros
>Minor Chaos - Steve Rowe & the Furys
>Cloudburst - Kan Dells
>KHJ Radio Jingle 1963
>Quasimoto - Road Runners/The Roadrunners
>Miserlou - The Emotionals
>Cruel Sea, The - Revelairs (previously unreleased)
>Kick Out - The Safaris
>Mr. X - The Velvetones
>Marauder, The - Robin & The 3 Hoods
>Vox Instruments Radio Commercial
>Turn On - The Rock-a-Shays/The Ric-A-Shays
>Windy & Warm - The Travelers
>Cozimoto - The Vulcanes
>Scandal - King Rock & the Knights
>Hanging Five - Reveliers
>Scramble - The Hollywoods
>Madalena - The Mockers
>Loophole - The Royal Coachmen
>Flip Side - Rich Clayton & The Rumbles
>Snake Eyes - The Losers
>Scorpion - The Carnations
>Rockin' Fury - Gestics
>Commercial - Pipeline Pete
>Pipeline "66" - Ron-De-Voos/The Ron De Voo's
>Side-Swiped - The Torquetts
>Sinner - Sinders
>One Pine Box - The Royal Flairs
>Nautiloid Reef - The Nautiloids
>Surfing Soft Drink Commercial
>Batmobile - The Squires
>Road Runnah - Road Runners/The Roadrunners
>502 (Like Getting Pinched on a 502) - Rhythm Surfers
>Downshiftin' - The Ree-Gents
>Gotcha - The Tradewinds
>Swamp Surfer - Irridescents
>Crash, The - The Creations
>Ce'ny - Jerry & The Silvertones
>Sharkskin - Monzels
>Horror of Party Beach Trailer, The
>Unknown - Vy-Dels
>Do It - The Countdowns
>Wax 'Em Down - The Avantis
>Uprisin' - The Cherokees
>One Pine Box [Unreleased/Undubbed Version] - The Royal Flairs (previously unreleased)
>James Bond Trailer
>.007 - The Twilights
>High Wall - Debonairs
>Motivate - The Motivations
>City of Atlantis - The Persuaders
>Tickler - The Sherwoods
>One Mo' Gin - The Sting Rays
>Lemon Line - The Tempests
>Stringer - Bobby Fuller
>Scorpion - The Vibrants
>Blue Mallard - Newport Nomads
>Jet Stream - The Breakers/Breakers
>Rev-Up - Manuel & The Renegades
>Spaghetti Strap - The Telstars
>Movie Trailer (Soundbite) - The Birds
>Birds, The - The Motivations
>Beware Below - The Frogmen
>King of the Stomp - The Hollywood Surfers
>Sophia - Charades Band
>Tecoloto, El - Calvin Cool
>Ali Baba - Dave & the Customs
>Harem Bells - Jim Head & His del Ray's
>Fugitive, The - The Fugitives
>Other Side, The - The Torquays
>Baja California Radio Id
>Baja - The Turks
>Rise, The - St. John & the Cardinals
>Avalanche - Five More
>On the Run - The Mosriters
>Tarantula - Elite U.F.O.
>Pulsebeat - The Buddies
>Desert Wind - Vaqueros
>Dragon Walk - The Dantes
>Strange Worlds - The Decades
>Movie Trailer - House On Haunted Hill
>House on Haunted Hill - Kenny & the Fiends
>Earthquake!! - Marlow Stewart & the Illusions
>Morpheus - Toads
>No Return - The Vistas

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: Chris Isaak; Dave Burke ; James Austin; Mike Campbell ; Alan Taylor.

Photographers: Hugh Brown ; Ed "Big Daddy" Roth; Sergey Rusakov; Pedro Felizardo.

The four-disc set Surf-Age Nuggets: Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966 plays like the flip side to Rhino's classic surf music box set Cowabunga!, and for good reason: that set's co-producer, James Austin, helmed this project, and his passion and encyclopedic knowledge of surf music from its greats to its most obscure acts is a big part of what makes this collection such a thrill. Where Cowabunga! concentrated on surf's stars, Surf-Age Nuggets digs deep; for every song by Dick Dale, there are many more by lesser-known but just as devoted acts such as the Ramrods, the Telstars, the Mosriters, and the Elite U.F.O. (!). The collection also lives up to the Trash & Twang part of its name with lots of rough, raw tracks that border on proto-punk in their intensity (check out the Emotionals' down-and-dirty version of "Miserlou," the Gestics' "Rockin' Fury," or the Safaris' "Kick Out") as well as commercials and movie trailers (the ones for Vox and House on Haunted Hill are especially memorable) that reflect how big a part surf music played in pop culture at the time, and vice versa. Covering all the bases of surf music from sleek to raw and everything in between, this set is a must for anyone who wants to explore the style beyond its big names. ~ Heather Phares


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