Various Artists: Supper's Ready

Track List

>Watcher of the Skies - Robert Berry/Hush
>Firth of Fifth - Over the Garden Wall
>Undertow - David Hentschel/Jay Tausig
>Ripples - Annie Haslam
>Back in N.Y.C. - Kevin Gilbert
>For Absent Friends - Richard Sinclair
>Mama - Magellan
>Man of Our Times - Enchant
>Many Too Many - Peter Bardens
>Entangled - Shadow Gallery
>Squonk - Cairo
>I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) - Crack the Sky
>Carpet Crawlers, The - John Goodsall/Michael Zentner
>Keep It Dark - World Trade

Album Notes

SUPPER'S READY is a Genesis tribute album.

This is part of Magna Carta's Tribute To The Titans series.

Personnel: Kevin Gilbert (vocals, guitar, cello, recorder, keyboards); John Palumbo, Billy Sherwood (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Jay Tausig (vocals, guitar); Trent Gardner (vocals, keyboards); Nick D'Virgilio (vocals, drums, background vocals); Annie Haslam (vocals, background vocals); Mike Baker , Marc Leveille, Michael Zentner, Richard Sinclair, Robert Berry, Ted Leonard, Brett Douglas (vocals); Mike Keneally (guitar, recorder, piano, kalimba); Douglas A. Ott (guitar, keyboards); Ian Palumbo (guitar, background vocals); Greg Bennett, Gary Wehrkamp, John Goodsail, Alec Fuhrman, Paul Keller, Steve Adams , Wayne Gardner, Brendt Allman (guitar); Toby Holmes (trombone); David Rees-Williams (piano, harpsichord, keyboards); Chris Ingles (piano); David Hentschel, Mark Robertson , Mike Wible, Peter Bardens, Tommy Mars (keyboards); Gene Stout (bass guitar); Roger Patterson (drums, percussion); Jeff Fuhrman, Roger Bonasera, Jay Schellen, Jeff Brockman, Paul Craddick (drums); Gene Perrault, Paul Marangoni (percussion); David Biglin, Carl Cadden-James, Susan Willett, Tyana Parr (background vocals).

Audio Mixers: Dave Jenkins; Douglas A. Ott; Carl Cadden-James; Jeff Fuhrman; Bob Madsen; Jeff Brockman.

Recording information: "Nashville"; CairoWest Studios, Marin County, CA; Elsewhere Studios, Canterbury, Kent, England; Garden Supplies, Pasadena, CA; Highlander Co. Studio, Pacheco, CA; Lawnmower; London, England; Mount Holly; Muzic Unlimited, The Bronx, New York, NY; Nj; Shadow Gallery Studios; Soundtek Studios, Campbell, CA; Street Brother Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Studio Sasquatch; The Office, Van Nuys, CA; Trax Studio, Hollywood, CA.

Unknown Contributor Role: Mike Keneally.

Arrangers: David Biglin; Richard Sinclair; Robert Berry.

All the tribute albums in the Magna Carta catalog tread dangerous ground. How can they give the artists room to stretch and still maintain enough of the original spirit to capture the art-rock audience that knows these songs by heart? "Supper's Ready" manages to walk that fine line for the most part, with strong contributions by Annie Haslam, Kevin Gilbert (a trombone solo on "Back in NYC" works impossibly well) and Magna Carta label workhorses Robert Berry, Trent Gardner and Magellan, and Shadow Gallery. On the down side, John Goodsall, guitarist of Phil Collins' jazz offshoot, Brand X, is wasted on "Carpet Crawlers." Matching him with vocalist Michael Zentner is a disservice. ~ Ross Boissoneau


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