Dr. Emmett Miller (Nuage): Successful Surgery and Recovery: Conditioning Mind and Body

Track List

>Rehearsing Your Healing
>Through Your Surgery
>Facilitating Your Healing Response
>Control and Elimination of Pain

Album Notes

This two-tape guided imagery set is intended to help those facing a surgical procedure. The liner notes instruct the patient to begin using this tape three weeks before the surgery. Side A focuses on setting goals for health. On side B, Miller skillfully "rehearses" the whole process of surgery, from going to bed the night before, going to the hospital, checking in, getting prepped, receiving shots or anesthesia, recovery room, release, and recovery. At every stage, Miller suggests that when a certain procedure takes place, that it will go smoothly and make the patient even more relaxed. He also suggests that the listener will tune out dialogue in the surgery room and accept everything as an enhancement to healing. Miller's script skillfully includes options, so it should be applicable for in-hospital and out-patient procedures. Volume 2 includes "Facilitating Your Healing Response" and "Control and Elimination of Pain" (through numbing and transferring numbness). Miller's voice is warm and friendly--someone you would want on your team. Nature sounds and romantic classical music back Miller's narrative. They do the trick; but do not have the inspired brilliance of Georgia Kelly's contribution to his Rainbow Butterfly or Raphael's score for Healing Journey. On the other hand, the music may be more acceptable to the general public. Musicians are not cited. ~ Carol Wright


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