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Dr. Emmett Miller (Nuage): Headache Relief

Track List

>Relax Away Your Headache
>Evening Relaxation and Clearing
>Greeting a Relaxed, Successful Day
>Exploring the Roots of Your Headache

Album Notes

This four-part guided meditation by Dr. Emmett Miller can help the listener get relief from headache pain by relaxing, re-visioning, and repatterning headache trigger reactions. Miller's voice is easy to relate to, first leading the listener on a relaxation process to tense and then release parts of the body and to unhook from tension-producing events. The second and third parts are to be played each morning and evening. The evening segment also helps release the tensions of the day by replaying them in a less stressful manner. The morning visualization helps prepare for an energetic and focused day, providing strategies to cope with problems without stress and maintain a balanced approach. The final segment (to be used when one does not have a headache) helps the listener identify stressful events, habitual thought patterns, or personality traits that may trigger headaches. Miller has thoughtfully timed the morning and evening meditations; one turns over the tape for the next session. Ocean waves and light classical pieces are used as background music. ~ Carol Wright


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