Asrock: Take Me Away/Beginning To End [Digipak]

Track List

>Come With Me [Daniel Taylor Remix] - (remix)
>Warriors Dance [Album Version] - (featuring The Prodigy)
>Take Me Away [Ghetto Mix] - (remix, featuring Team VSR)
>Take Me Away [White Label Mix] - (remix, featuring Shamus Haji)
>Take Me Away [Armo Theory Mix] - (remix, featuring Chuck Alkazian)
>Come With Me Mix - (remix)
>Come With Me [Slow N Low Mix] - (remix, featuring John Gar)
>Take Me Away [Kenneth Thomas Tma Mix] - (remix)
>Take Me Away [Mike Clark Groove Mix] - (remix)
>Take Me Away [Jon Watts Detroit Authentic Mix] - (remix)
>Take Me Away [Final Cut Mix] - (remix, featuring John Gar)
>Take Me Away [Seth Troxler and Lee Curtiss Tma Mix] - (remix)
>Take Me Away [Original Revisited Mix] - (remix)


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