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Andrzej Korzynski: Secret Enigma

Track List

>Trying to Catch a Fly - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Grabuge [Pop Theme], La - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Agent No.1 - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Opetanie Five - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Saved from Oblivion
>Tajemnica Enigmy - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>W Instyucie - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>W Pustyni i W Pustynia - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Dziekanka Students Hostel, The (II)
>Landscapes - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Losy OST (Mid-Beat Theme) - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Third Part of the Night Czolownica - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Diabel - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Grabuge, La (Orch Pop Theme) - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Rosa Rosa - (featuring Arp Life)
>Bossa Nova - (with Andrzej Korzynski, featuring Ewa Wanat)
>Dziekanka Student's Hostel, The (I)
>Lapanka - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Grabuge, La (Orchestral Theme) - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Losy OST (Mid-Guitar Theme) - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Trying to Catch a Fly (Reprise) - (with Andrzej Korzynski)
>Wszystko Na Sprzedaz Taniec - (with Andrzej Korzynski)

Album Notes

Audio Remasterers: Andrzej Korzynski; Gareth Mallinson.

After unearthing the cult Polish composer's soundtracks to the films Possession and The Third Part of the Night, the revered Finders Keepers label has gathered Andrzej Korzynski's lost cues, forgotten scores, and various musical sketches on one complete anthology. The 22 tracks -- ranging from 30 seconds to a minute long -- intriguingly reveal Korzynski's sonic experiments across the pop, jazz, orchestral, and electronic music genres. At his most impressive, his work recalls Morricone at his most experimental, as well as the avant-garde deftness of Gruppo di Improvvisazione di Nuova Consonanza. Comparisons can made to François de Roubaix on the dreamy orchestral-influenced tracks "W Pustyni i W Pustynia" and "Losy OST (Mid-Beat Theme)." The off-cuts from the Possession soundtrack are the obvious standouts on this collection. Modernist electronics with a suitable dose of menace heighten the curiosity of his work. As well as these cues, Korzynski's forays into rock make for delightful listening, as the scuzzy harmonica-led "Rosa Rosa" demonstrates. While it does sound and feel like an album made up of cues, sketches, and so forth, this is an expertly crafted compilation; such is the quality of the material. This compilation is a revelation and will no doubt delight soundtrack fans and collectors. It is the perfect accompaniment to his previously released scores. ~ Aneet Nijjar


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