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Various Artists: The Very Best of Café del Mar Music

Track List

>D*votion - D*Note
>Offshore - Chicane
>Sargasso Sea - Salt Tank
>Dub in Ya Mind [Beach Club Mix] - Afterlife (remix)
>More Than Ever People - Levitation
>Return Journey - Voices of Kwahn
>Dusk - Pressure Drop
>Homebase - dZihan & Kamien
>Satie 1 - Endorphin
>Swollen - Bent
>Beautiful Strange - Bedrock
>Tones - Nova Nova
>Trouble in Paradise - UNKLE
>Breather [Arithunda Mix] - Afterlife
>Get Back to the Serenity [Beach Mix] - Vargo (remix)
>Have You Kept Your Ticket? - Gelka
>Castillos de Arena - Deep & Wide
>Time Is the Enemy - Quantic
>Invisible - M-Seven
>Cha-Ka-Too [Sunset Mix] - Hibiki Connection (remix)
>Sun Is Shinning - Re-United
>Holding On - Miro
>Lie Down in Darkness [Ben Hoo's Dorian Vibe] - Moby (remix)
>100 Billion Stars - Lux
>Will You Catch Me - Tiny Tunes
>Heading for the Sunrise - Steen Thottrup/Annette Berg
>Seven Seas - Deep & Wide
>Plenitude, Pt. 2 - Soft Wave
>Dreaming Of - Rue du Soleil
>Firewire - Substructure
>Transmit Liberation - Single Cell Orchestra
>Art Nouveau - Jens Gad
>Desire [Ambient Mix] - Blank & Jones (remix)
>Hold On - Luminous
>Sleep Will Come - Bliss
>Forty-Two - Sonic Adventure Project
>Small Island [CDM Mix], A - Kinobe (remix)
>Morning Light [Coffee Shop Remix] - Swen G* (remix)
>Cafe del Mar - Nacho Sotomayor


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