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Tartar Control: Holy Crap

Track List

>Jesus is Love
>Salt Lake
>Child Molester
>Lazy Fuck
>Metal House, The
>Satanists Are Fucking Dicks
>Chimney Sweep
>Drinking Gasoline
>Self Defense
>NoHo Dojo
>Burn It to the Ground
>Pretty Stupid
>Marshmallow Squares
>My Grandma Fights
>You're So Fat
>Pony King
>Smoking Crack
>Screaming Contest
>Oxygen Is For Fags
>Joe Was a Humpback Whale (But Now He's Dead)
>Fuzzy Bunnies
>Cramps Don't Mean You're Pregnant
>Tickle Me Elmo
>Sodomy Basket
>Peach Cobbler Party


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