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Kyle Kinane: Whiskey Icarus

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Those who aren't familiar with the gifted, smart, and hilarious man known as Kyle Kinane should know that he hits the stage all gruff, rough, bearded, and probably smelling of booze, but then he turns all expectations on their head with an act that's literate and perceptive with an effortless feel, although on second listen it's obviously crafted. If it wasn't meticulously tested, re-worked, and edited, then the set captured on Whiskey Icarus wouldn't flow with such precision, as stories of finding your true calling while taking a break from masturbating in the shower don't usually mix with arguments about how mispronouncing the Vietnamese dish "pho" is actually just fine ("I'm guaranteeing there's nobody in Saigon right now going 'It's pronounced meatball sandwich! Don't be culturally insensitive!'"). That latter gem is found on "King of the Night Time World" while "Sweet Pain" is beautiful riffing on how nice parents don't often raise revolutionary artists (Kinane's high school punk band just couldn't remain mad enough as mom supplied them with all the love, understanding, and chili cheese dip they could ingest). Still, it's "God of Thunder" (and if you haven't noticed, crafty Kinane stole all these track titles from Kiss' album Destroyer) that towers above it all, bundling airplanes, pancakes, and Foot Locker bags into a bit that, depending on your fancy, becomes Kinane's "Freebird," his "Born to Run," his "A Wild And Crazy Guy," or his "Detroit Rock City" (although, not the "Detroit Rock City" found here). Even without "God of Thunder," the album would be the fantastic coupling of dude and discernment that its title implies, but since that arguably perfect bit is here, Whiskey Icarus really is standup comedy's Destroyer and comedy fans should join the Kinane Army as soon possible. You wanted the best? You got the best. ~ David Jeffries


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