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Poetry Series: William Shakespeare Sonnets, Vol. 1

Track List

>From Fairest Creautures
>When Forty Winters
>Look In Thy Glass
>Unthrifty Loveliness
>Those Hours
>Then Let No Winters
>Lo, In the Orient
>Music To Hear
>Is It For Fear
>For Shame
>As Fast As Thou Shalt Wane
>When I Do Count the Clock
>O That You Were Yourself
>Not From the Stars
>When I Consider
>But Wherefore
>Who Will Believe My Verse
>Shall I Compare
>Devouring Time
>Womans Face, A
>So is It Not
>My Glass Shall Not
>As an Unperfect
>Mine Eye Hath
>Let Those Who Are In Favour
>Lord of My Love
>Weary with Toil
>How Can I Then Return
>When in Disgrace
>When to the Sessions
>Thy Bosom
>If Thou Survive
>Full Many a Glorius Morning
>Why Didst Thou Promise
>No More
>Let Me Confess
>As a Decript
>How Can My Muse
>O, How Thy Worth
>Take All My Loves
>Those Pretty Wrongs
>That Thou Hast Her
>When Most I Wink
>If the Dull Substance
>Other Two, The
>Mine Eye and Heart
>Betwixt Mine Eye
>How Careful Was I
>Against That Time
>How Heavy Do I


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