Various Artists: Sing De Chorus: Calypso from Trinidad and Tobago

> Country Club Scandal - Country Club Scandal
> Madame Khan - Madame Khan
> Songs of Long Ago - Songs of Long Ago
> Dew and Rain - Dew and Rain
> Worker's Plea - Worker's Plea
> St. Peter's Day - St. Peter's Day
> Black Market - Black Market
> Leave Me Alone Dorothy - Leave Me Alone Dorothy
> Ugly Woman - Trouble and Misery - Ugly Woman - Trouble and Misery
> Los Iros - Los Iros
> The Gold in Africa - The Gold in Africa
> Treasury Scandal - Treasury Scandal
> Reign Too Long - Reign Too Long
> Louise - Louise
> Graf Zeppelin - Graf Zeppelin
> Adolf Hitler - Adolf Hitler
> Love Me or Leave Me - Love Me or Leave Me
> Matilda - Matilda
> Money is King - Money is King
> Victory Calypso - Victory Calypso
> Coldness of the Water - Coldness of the Water
> Let the White People Fight - Let the White People Fight
> Sedition Law - Sedition Law
> Mother's love - Mother's love
> Woman Called Dorothy - Woman Called Dorothy
> Tribute to Executor - Tribute to Executor
> Sing de Chorus - Sing de Chorus

Track List

>Country Club Scandal
>Madame Khan
>Songs of Long Ago
>Dew and Rain
>Workers' Plea
>St. Peter's Day
>Black Market
>Leave Me Alone Dorothy
>Ugly Woman / Trouble And Misery
>Los Iros
>Gold in Africa, The
>Treasury Scandal
>Reign Too Long
>Graf Zeppelin
>Adolf Hitler
>Love Me or Leave Me
>Money Is King
>Victory Calypso
>Coldness of the Water
>Let the White People Fight
>Sedition Law
>Mother's Love
>Woman Called Dorothy
>Tribute to Executor
>Sing de Chorus

Album Notes

This, from a recording made during Carnival 1991, is a collection of re-creations of the calypsos written by the greats of the 1930s -- Lord Executor, Lord Beginner, Atilla the Hun, Roaring Lion, Growling Tiger, Destroyer, Invader, Caresser, and others. Many of the greatest songs of the era are present. On top of re-using the lyrics of the greats, fully acoustic bands were set up to attempt at a re-creation of the full sound. The movement of the music is unmistakably calypso, and the topics of protest from the '30s (between the Depression and WWII, along with a ban on performing and recording calypso in Trinidad) all show through well. Not a bad rendition of most of the songs, though the originals can in some cases be found. Take a listen if you like the original versions of similar works. ~ Adam Greenberg


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