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Domenico Scarlatti: Complete piano sonatas Essercizi, K. 1-K 30; Piano Sonatas, K. 31-K. 42 / Christoph Ullrich, piano

Notes & Reviews:

All 555 Sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti from TACET Groan. Moan. Can one actually listen to all these sonatas? - Yes, you can! With Scarlatti it is like the string quartets of Joseph Haydn - all the sonatas are simply good, from the first to the last. And when they are played by Christoph Ullrich, who seems to share a profound spiritual affinity to Scarlatti, it is fun to listen to the music, from the first sonata onwards. Ullrich takes things precisely, but he also leaves plenty of room for spontaneity. Without this playful lightness he would be lost right at the outset. Whoever becomes involved with this music, like him and with him, will be rewarded with a never-ending source of ideas and be surprised anew with each new sonata. Embark on the Scarlatti boat, an adventurous journey into the two-part unknown! At present, there are 555 sonatas to be studied, played, filled with life and recorded. The project wants to remain open for developments, new discoveries, alterations up until the demise of those involved... we'll see where Domenico leads us. Surprisingly, we can structure this monster flood of sonatas, just as it was possible to do with the Haydn quartets by means of the opus numbers. Most of the sonatas were stored in 17 volumes with 30 sonatas each. The complete edition that we are starting here is based on this subdivision. Two volumes at the beginning, then one volume each year. Thomas Seedorf is providing us with scholarly assistance.


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