Various Artists: Sheldon Harnick: Hidden Treasures, 1949-2013 [Slipcase]

Audio Samples

  1. Sheldon Harnick — The Shape of Things $0.99 on iTunes
  2. Sheldon Harnick — Garbage (From "Shoestring Revue") $0.99 on iTunes
  3. Sheldon Harnick — At the Basilica of St. Anne $0.99 on iTunes
  4. Sheldon Harnick — Two by Two (From "Smiling the Boy Fell Dead") $0.99 on iTunes
  5. Sheldon Harnick — All of These and More (From "the Body Beautiful") $0.99 on iTunes
  6. Sheldon Harnick — Every Man for Himself (From "the Body Beautiful") $0.99 on iTunes
  7. Sheldon Harnick — Just My Luck (From "the Body Beautiful") $0.99 on iTunes
  8. Sheldon Harnick — A Relatively Simple Affair (From "the Body Beautiful") $0.99 on iTunes
  9. Sheldon Harnick — Summer Is (From "the Body Beautiful") $0.99 on iTunes
  10. Sheldon Harnick — Where Do I Go from Here? (From "Fiorello!") $0.99 on iTunes
  11. Sheldon Harnick — Little Old New York (From "Tenderloin") $0.99 on iTunes
  12. Sheldon Harnick — The Picture of Happiness (From "Tenderloin") $0.99 on iTunes
  13. Sheldon Harnick — Mr. A $0.99 on iTunes
  14. Sheldon Harnick — Worlds Apart (From "Man in the Moon") $0.99 on iTunes
  15. Sheldon Harnick — Tell Me I Look Nice (From "She Loves Me") $0.99 on iTunes
  16. Sheldon Harnick — Merry Christmas Bells (From "She Loves Me") $0.99 on iTunes
  17. Sheldon Harnick — My North American Drugstore (From "She Loves Me") $0.99 on iTunes
  18. Sheldon Harnick — Christmas Eve (From "She Loves Me") $0.99 on iTunes
  19. Sheldon Harnick — What a Life (From "Fiddler on the Roof") $0.99 on iTunes
  20. Sheldon Harnick — Letters from America (From "Fiddler on the Roof") $0.99 on iTunes
  21. Sheldon Harnick — Dear, Sweet Sewing Machine (From "Fiddler on the Roof") $0.99 on iTunes
  22. Sheldon Harnick — Get Thee Out (From "Fiddler on the Roof") $0.99 on iTunes
  23. Sheldon Harnick — When Messiah Comes (From "Fiddler on the Roof") $0.99 on iTunes
  24. Sheldon Harnick — Sunrise, Sunset (From "Fiddler on the Roof") $0.99 on iTunes
  25. Sheldon Harnick — What Was That? (From "the Apple Tree") $0.99 on iTunes
  26. Sheldon Harnick — I Worry / If You Never Try (From "the Canterville Ghost") $0.99 on iTunes
  27. Sheldon Harnick — Vengeance (From "the Canterville Ghost") $0.99 on iTunes
  28. Sheldon Harnick — Nelson (From "Trafalgar") $0.99 on iTunes
  29. Sheldon Harnick — Glory Is My Object (From "Trafalgar") $0.99 on iTunes
  30. Sheldon Harnick — In My Own Lifetime (From "the Rothschilds") $0.99 on iTunes
  31. Sheldon Harnick — Elizabeth (From "Rex") $0.99 on iTunes
  32. Sheldon Harnick — Tell Me, Daisy (From "Rex") $0.99 on iTunes
  33. Sheldon Harnick — I Brought You a Gift (From "Rex") $0.99 on iTunes
  34. Sheldon Harnick — The Pears of Anjou (From "Rex") $0.99 on iTunes
  35. Sheldon Harnick — My Star (From "a Song for a King") $0.99 on iTunes
  36. Sheldon Harnick — One Family (From "a Christmas Carol") $0.99 on iTunes
  37. Sheldon Harnick — Precious Little (From "a Wonderful Life") $0.99 on iTunes

Track List

>How Could I? - Sheldon Harnick
>Ballad of the Shape of Things - Charlotte Rae
>I Can't Get Used To These Clothes - Hugh Martin
>Merry Little Minuet - Sheldon Harnick
>Garbage - Sheldon Harnick
>At the Basilica of St. Anne - Sheldon Harnick
>Isms - Buster Davis/Betty Garrett
>Let's Evolve - Danny Meehan
>Abc's of Success, The - David Baker/Sheldon Harnick
>Two By Two - Danny Meehan/Claiborne Cary
>All of These and More - Buster Davis/Susan Watson
>Every Man For Himself - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Just My Luck - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Relatively Simple Affair, A - Leigh Beery/Margery Gray
>Summer is - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>'til the Bootlegger Comes - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Where Do I Go From Here? - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Little Old New York - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>I Wonder What It's Like - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Picture of Happiness, The - Margery Gray/Sheldon Harnick
>Mr. a - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>World's Apart - Margery Gray
>Tell Me I Look Nice - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Merry Christmas Bells - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>My North American Drugstore - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Christmas Eve - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>We've Never Missed a Sabbath Yet - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>What a Life - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Butcher's Soul, A - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Letters From America - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Dear, Sweet Sewing Machine - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Get Thee Out - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>When Messiah Comes - Sheldon Harnick
>Sunrise, Sunset - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>What Was That - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Talkin' Truth - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>I Worry/If You Never Try - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Vengeance - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Nelson - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>Glory is My Object - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>That's How Much I Missed You - Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
>In My Own Lifetime - Sheldon Harnick
>We're a Family - William Tost/Sheldon Harnick
>Elizabeth - Sheldon Harnick
>Tell Me, Daisy
>I Brought You a Gift [First Recording] - Sheldon Harnick
>Pears of Anjou [First Recording], The - Sheldon Harnick
>My Star - Margery Gray/Michel Legrand/Sheldon Harnick
>One Family - Leigh Beery/Margery Gray/Sheldon Harnick
>Precious Little - Sheldon Harnick
>Wine, Wine, Wine - Brian d'Arcy James
>You Made My Day - Audra McDonald

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: Bill Rudman; Ted Chapin; Howard Prince; Ken Bloom; Sheldon Harnick.

Recording information: New York, NY (1949-1956).

Photographers: Peter Millrose; David Gahr; Jenny Anderson; Margery Gray; David Stollak; Arlene Alda; Sheldon Harnick.


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