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Randy Newman: Toy Story: The Legacy Collection

Track List

>Toy Story: Opening
>Toy Story: You've Got a Friend in Me
>Toy Story: Andy's Birthday is Today
>Toy Story: They're Alive!
>Toy Story: Staff Meeting Everybody!
>Toy Story: You Too, Bo Peep
>Toy Story: Andy's Birthday Party
>Toy Story: Code Red
>Toy Story: A Good Soldier Never Leaves
>Toy Story: Presents: Who Invited That Kid?
>Toy Story: Surprise Present
>Toy Story: What Are You Doing Under the Bed?
>Toy Story: Buzz Revealed
>Toy Story: Buzz Flies
>Toy Story: Strange Things
>Toy Story: Woody/Bo Peep
>Toy Story: Sid
>Toy Story: Virtual Realty
>Toy Story: Woody Plots
>Toy Story: Rube Globeburg
>Toy Story: Woody Did It!
>Toy Story: Rescue Attempt
>Toy Story: Buzz, You're Alive!
>Toy Story: Buzz and Woody Fight
>Toy Story: Buzz's Mission
>Toy Story: It's a Spaceship, Buzz
>Toy Story: Pizza Planet Rock
>Toy Story: What? Hello? A Space Port!
>Toy Story: The Claw
>Toy Story: Dr. Sid
>Toy Story: Mutant Toys
>Toy Story: Wood's Gone
>Toy Story: Sorry Guys, Dinner's Canceled
>Toy Story: Scud
>Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear Commercial
>Toy Story: I Will Go Sailing No More
>Toy Story: Out the Window
>Toy Story: Sid's Toys Fix Buzz
>Toy Story: The Big One
>Toy Story: Sad Andy
>Toy Story: Buzz, I Need Your Help
>Toy Story: Working Together
>Toy Story: The Rescue PT. I
>Toy Story: Sid Counts Down
>Toy Story: The Rescue PT. 2: Play Nice, Sid
>Toy Story: Chasing the Van
>Toy Story: RC to the Rescue
>Toy Story: To Infinity and Beyond
>Toy Story: Together Again and a Very Merry Christmas
>Toy Story: You've Got a Friend in Me
>Toy Story: End Credits
>Toy Story: Strange Things (Piano/Vocal Demo)
>Toy Story: Plastic Spaceman (Piano/Vocal Demo)
>Toy Story: I Will Go Sailing No More (Piano/Vocal Demo)
>Toy Story: The Fool (Piano/Vocal Demo)
>Toy Story: You've Got a Friend In Me (Instrumental Version)
>Toy Story: Strange Things (Instrumental Version)
>Toy Story: I Will Go Sailing No More (Instrumental Version)
>Thanking the Orchestrea
>[CD-ROM Track]

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: John Lasseter; Randy Newman.

Recording information: Ocean Way Recording.

Illustrator: Lorelay Bové.


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