Various Artists: Radiant Decay: A Tribute to Nine Inch Nails

Track List

>Closer - Transient (Sister Issa Mix)
>Piggy - Alex Xenophon (Bassland Dub Mix)
>Wish - Broke Box (Padded Room Mix)
>Sanctified - Transient (Left Justification Mix)
>Mr. Self Destruction - T.H.C. (Diesel Mix)
>Sin - Tin Electric (Pinched Mix)
>Last - Transparent (Bent Harassed Mix)
>Suck - Etherporia (The Electrolux Mix)
>Down in It - Sacha (Digital Grind Mix)
>Something I Can Never Have - Lara Peterson/George Sarah (Bleak Mix)
>Hurt - Tin Electric (Start the Violence Mix)

Album Notes

Personnel: Issa Joone, Dave Smith , David Scott, Lara Peterson (vocals).

Radiant Decay: A Tribute to Nine Inch Nails is like most tribute albums in that its highlights tend to be submerged by a slew of less compelling tracks. Even though many of these covers point out how important the theatrical venom of Trent Reznor's vocal delivery was to the originals (not to mention his intricately detailed arrangements and production), there are still some intriguing reimaginings here, like T.H.C.'s stuttering drum'n'bass remix of "Mr. Self Destruct." ~ Steve Huey


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