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Harry Partch (Composer): Harry Partch: Delusion of the Fury

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>Delusion of the Fury

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>Delusion of the Fury

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Harry Partch is one of music's true innovators. Not only does he ignore most of the traditional rules of composition, he created instruments specifically for his music. He wrote for his own 43 note scale. His originality woke audiences and critics to new possibilities.

This recording "Delusion of the Fury" dates to its first performances at the UCLA Playhouse in Los Angeles, 1969. Built upon the timeless theme of life and death, the setting is non-specific, but the music sounds decidedly Asian. Partch prefers ambiguity, as he assigns the singers only a handful of words recognizable in any language. Rhythmic and atonal, the piece has a primal urgency, making the drama very human without assigning class or ethnicity to the action.

Given the rarity of Partch's unique instruments, this original recording holds historical significance. It would be very difficult to put together such a performance today, and considering Partch's personal supervision of this one, the album shall always stand as the authoritative version of Partch's vision.


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