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Phil Thornton: Eternal Egypt

Track List

>Isis Unveiled
>Land of the Pharaohs, The - (Zaar Rhythm)
>Through the Ankh (Masmoudi Rhythm) - (Masmoudi Rhythm)
>Shimmers in the Sand
>Desrt Rhythm (Fallahi Rhythm) - (Fallahi Rhythm)
>Cobra's Dance, The (Fallahi Rhythm) - (Fallahi Rhythm)

Album Notes

Personnel includes: Phil Thornton (vocals, guitar, E-bow, flute, digeridoo, keyboards, vocoder, percussion, Tibetan singing bowls); Hossam Ramzy (tabla, finger cymbals); Farouq Mohammed Hassan (accordion); Grant Young (bass).

Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy comprise a multi-cultural duo from Britain and Egypt respectively. Together they marry modern hi-tech sounds from the West with traditional Egyptian melodies, instruments, and rhythms.

ETERNAL EGYPT is a curious blend of both the old and the new. Specifically, Thornton and Ramzy use keyboards, various electronic media, and ancient Egyptian instruments to bring to life such styles as Zaar, Masmoudi, and Fallahi. On "Isis Unveiled," contemporary electronic loops commingle with dense hand percussion. On "Shimmers in the Sand," Ramzy's acoustic percussion floats over Thornton's thickly layered synthesizers; an electronic backbeat is also used here to give this music extra push. Other tracks such as "The Land of the Pharaohs" and "The Cobra's Dance" also surge with rich percussion, both electronic and acoustic, while authentic modal improvisations from accordionist Farouq Mohammed Hassan glide overtop. This music is both sphinx-like and passionate. Each of these six tracks contains rhythms that will surely hypnotize.


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