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Thomas M. Sleeper: Aceldama

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> Aceldama - Part I: And Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived, and bare Cain… (Narrator, Chorus)
> Aceldama - Part I: Why can He not accept poor Cain's offering? (Eve, Adam, Chorus)
> Aceldama - Part I: So Cain went into the fields and prepared vegetation in the form of a Ram (Narrator, Chorus)
> Aceldama - Part I: It is so darke… there is no shadow it is so darke of the moon… (Cain)
> Aceldama - Part I: Postlude: Cain's despair and vision
> Aceldama - Part I: And a vision came unto Cain and he fashioned a homunculus from the bounty of the earth… (Narrator, Chorus, Adam)
> Aceldama - Part II: Should we really leave this chalice? (Adam, Eve)
> Aceldama - Part II: Come over here… look at the moon… Winterladen clouds caress the moon… (Adam, Eve, Chorus)
> Aceldama - Part II: That damn music… it's supposed to reassure them, calm them down… (Cain, Chorus, God)
> Aceldama - Part II: Dies Irae, dies Illa Solvent saeclum in favilla Lacrimosa dies Illa (Eve, Chorus)
> Aceldama - Part II: Postlude: The Ecstasy of Cain
> Aceldama - Part III: I will not heal… there is nothing… all laid waste… this land… so very long ago… (Amfortas, Adam)
> Aceldama - Part III: You leave me this unnatural winter. Our love was unknowable. (Adam)
> Aceldama - Part III: We began as a seduction intricate dance of propriety and desire until the rose burst into flame and we were renewed in passion… (Adam)
> Aceldama - Part III: My wound does not heal. Over fifty years now, the doctors say it is psychosomotic (Adam)
> Aceldama - Part III: There would be no shadow were it not for the light (Eve, Narrator, God, Adam)
> Aceldama - Part III: Eve!… Night wraps herself about me insisting ever gently on its release. (Adam)
> Aceldama - Part III: Postlude: The death of Adam

Album Summary

>Sleeper, Thomas M. : Aceldama, Field of Blood, opera
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Works Details

>Sleeper, Thomas M. : Aceldama, Field of Blood, opera
  • Performers: Russell Thomas (Tenor); Thomas Barrett (Baritone); Sandra Lopez (Soprano); David Crawford (Tenor)
  • Conductor: Jo-Michael Scheibe
  • Ensemble: University of Miami Chorale
  • Running Time: 4 min. 1 sec.
  • Period Time: Modern
  • Form: Opera/Operetta