Various Artists: Dead and Dreaming: An Indie Tribute to Counting Crows

Track List

>Angels of Silences - Rydia
>High Life - The Rocket Summer
>Holiday in Spain - Number One Fan
>Colorblind - Between the Buried and Me
>Walkaways - Boys Night Out
>Round Here - Punchline
>Einstein on a Beach - Houston Calls
>Mr. Jones - Hidden in Plain View
>Long December, A - Bayside
>Raining in Baltimore - The Junior Varsity
>Rain King - International Language
>Children in Bloom - As Tall as Lions

Album Notes

Tributee: Counting Crows.

Personnel: Nicholas Ziemann (piano).

Audio Mixers: Bob Freeman; Jayson DeZuzio; Marjorie Golde; Scott Komer; Sean O'Keefe; Micah Carli; Dan Duszynski.

Recording information: Andover, NJ; Big Gold Studios, Chicago, IL; Deedle's Room Recording, Grand Prairie, TX; Innovation Studios, Steuenville, OH; Parkhill Studios, Oakville, Ontario, Canada; Rock Garden Studios, Appleton, WI; Smart Studios, Madison, WI; Stained Glass Studios, Paramus, NJ; Studio 11, Troy, OH; The Basement Studio, Rural Hall, NC.

Dead and Dreaming features bands in a generally emo/screamo vein covering a batch of Counting Crows songs. It makes sense -- the median age of this tribute's participants can't be higher than 25, so their teenage years undoubtedly coincided with the Crows' high season. Indeed, the melodrama that's such a huge part of the sound of a group like Number One Fan can be traced at least in part to Adam Duritz. Said band does an OK, piano-laced job with "Holiday in Spain"; New York's Houston Calls rocks up "Einstein on a Beach," and adds a whizzy keyboard to that " begins to disappear" part; and "Long December" becomes a teary-eyed emo ballad in the hands of Bayside. Not everything on Dead and Dreaming works. Hidden in Plain View are completely out of their league on "Mr. Jones" -- the guitars might crackle, but the vocals are thinner than cheap chicken soup. The Hawthorne Heights side project International Language can't quite turn the corner on an unplugged "Rain King." They want it to be a Low-like dirge, but it lacks structure and sounds too restrained. Between the Buried and Me's similarly austere "Colorblind" (from the Crows' 1999 record, This Desert Life) is better, though it might have been cool to hear the explosive metalcore kids tear into the handclapping swagger of "Hanginaround." Even if its execution isn't ultimately as successful as its concept, Dead and Dreaming is a good idea. The scene these bands come from can lack imagination, so hearing them step outside of all that is interesting and occasionally rewarding. ~ Johnny Loftus


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