Harry Belafonte: 3 Originals

Track List

>Wake up Jakob
>My Lord What a Mornin'
>Buked and Scorned
>Stars Shinin' (By 'N by)
>Oh Freedom
>Were You There When They Cruzified My Lord
>Oh Let Me Fly
>Swing Low
>Mrch Down to Jordan
>Steal Away
>All My Trials
>Michael Row the Boat Ashore
>Go Down Emanuel Road
>In My Fathers House
>Goin' Down Jordan
>Banana Boat (Day-O)
>Jump in the Line
>Mama Look a Boo-Boo (Shut You Mouth-Go Away)
>Coconut Women
>Jamaica Farewell
>Come Back Liza
>Island in the Sun
>Matilda, Matilda
>Round the Bay of Mexico
>Marching Saints, The
>Mary's Boy Child
>Haiti Cherie
>Sweetheart From Venezuela
>Go Down Emanuel Road
>Baby Boy, The
>Land of the Sea and Sun
>Goin' Down Jordan
>Jump in the Line
>Kingston Market
>These Are the Times
>Bally Mena
>Midnight Special, The
>Crawdad Song
>Memphis Tennessee
>Gotta Travel On
>Did I Hear About Jerry?
>On the Top of Old Smokey
>Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad
>Michael Row the Boat Ashore

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Four albums on three CDs includes My Lord What A Morning, Golden Records Vol. 1 & the 2 on 1 Jump Up Calypso & The Midnight Special. 51 tracks. The 3 CD's are housed in a slipcase. Sony/BMG.

Album Notes

This box set from calypso singer/political figure Harry Belafonte contains three albums from the early-1960s, MY LORD, WHAT A MORNING, GOLDEN RECORDS, and JUMP UP CALYPSO, and includes his hits "Banana Boat (Day-O)" and "Jamaica Farewell."

Curiously, given the title of this repackaging of three European Harry Belafonte CDs, none of them is precisely an "original" release. And, in fact, they cover material from four, not three LPs, plus a couple of other stray tracks. But such qualifications are only to suggest that 3 Originals actually contains more music than you might expect. At a total running time of nearly three hours, the boxed set includes: a 1993 CD called Golden Records, Vol. 1, which is a reissue of the 14-track 1964 German LP compilation Golden Records (containing identical tracks, but in a different sequence) that gathers together Belafonte's biggest singles hits ("Jamaica Farewell," "Mary's Boy Child," "Banana Boat [Day-O]," "Mama Look a Boo-Boo [Shut Your Mouth ' Go Away]," "Cocoanut Woman," and "Island in the Sun") along with other favorites; a 1995 CD reissue of Belafonte's 1960 album My Lord What a Mornin', subtitled "Belafonte Sings Spirituals," which contains the original LP's 11 tracks plus five bonus tracks drawn from other LPs from the artist; and the 1995 CD 2Gether on 1, a two-fer containing his 1961 calypso album Jump Up Calypso and his 1962 folk album The Midnight Special. That adds up to 51 tracks, but four recordings are repeated either on the hits compilation or among the bonus tracks. Still, that leaves 47 different performances, ranging from familiar calypso hits like "Banana Boat (Day-O)" to a cappella spirituals and the singer's reworked versions of folk standards like "Michael Row the Boat Ashore." He recorded much more than that, of course, but 3 Originals succeeds in presenting a big chunk of his best work, and upon release it was available at modest prices in U.S. mail order catalogs. ~ William Ruhlmann


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