Various Artists: Legends of Calypso

Track List

>Calypso Island - Andre Toussaint
>Court House Scandal - Calypso Mama
>Lizzie Carry Basket - Peanuts Taylor
>De Pig an' Goat - Blind Blake
>Brown Skin Gal / Mary Ann - Blind Blake
>Crazy Like Mad - Leslie Scott & Irene Williams
>Matilda - Calypso Eddie
>Back to Back - Harold "Digby" McNair
>Barbados Carnival - Mighty Panther
>Bedbug Song, The - Mighty Panther
>De Peas 'N' de Rice - Calypso Mama
>Gin & Coconut Water - Blind Blake
>Yellow Bird - Andre Toussaint
>Mama Hold de Light - Mighty Panther
>Bahama Lullaby Rock - Blind Blake
>Don't Touch Me Tomato - Calypso Mama
>Hold 'Em Joe - Andre Toussaint
>Scratch My Back - Leslie Scott & Irene Williams
>Bellamena - Blind Blake
>Nora Nora - Mighty Panther
>O' Look Misery - Blind Blake
>Watermelon Spoilin' / Here I Go Walkin' - Andre Toussaint
>Monkey Song, The - Blind Blake
>Big Bamboo, The - Mighty Panther
>Snorkel Song, The - Colin Kelly

Album Notes

A collection licensed from the Goombay Life archives featuring some of the greats of calypso's early days. Andre Toussaint, Calypso Mama, Blind Blake, and Mighty Panther all hand in a number of performances. As usual, the lyrical fare deals with gossip of the day and/or a good deal of sexual innuendos and double entendres. The music is a basic two-beat lope with guitars, drums, and any other nearby instrument, depending on the song. These are the classic standards of the genre -- from Mighty Panther's "Big Bamboo" to a number of songs made famous later by Harry Belafonte. The performances are all above the standard, with the legends putting out their most famous pieces. There are a number of old calypso compilations available, most of which come from the same archives. It's the song choices that separate one from the next. As such, this one makes a good show for the lead against its rival compilations, featuring the best shows of the various aspects of the old genre while staying relatively clear of non-Trinidadian items (though not completely, of course). ~ Adam Greenberg


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