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Light / Ethel

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> Nepomuk's Dances - Nepomuk's Dances: Arrival
> Sambula in D major - Sambula in D major
> Lighthouse - Lighthouse
> Chai - Chai
> Requiem (arr. M. Rowell) - Requiem (arr. M. Rowell)
> Pelimanni's Revenge (arr. R. Farris) - Pelimanni's Revenge (arr. R. Farris)
> Ethel Dreams of Temporal Distubances - Ethel Dreams of Temporal Distubances
> Nepomuk's Dances - Nepomuk's Dances
> Nepomuk's Dances - Memory
> Dream House - Dream House: III. After Dust
> String Quartet No. 2, "Four Thoughts on Marvin Gaye" - String Quartet No. 2, "Four Thoughts on Marvin Gaye": III. —
> Also Sprach Einstein - Also Sprach Einstein

Notes & Reviews:

"In the past few years, several string quartets have done their best to meld new classical music with free improvisation and the raw urgency of experimental rock. No group has been more successful in that regard than Ethel." -The Washington Post


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