Elvis Presley: Let's Be Friends

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Originally released in 1970 on the RCA budget label Camden, this nine-track Elvis Presley disc would, seemingly, be solely of interest either to total neophytes or the most avidly completist collectors. The record is indeed a hodgepodge of previously released lesser-known cuts from his later films, including Stay Away, Joe, Change of Habit, and The Trouble with Girls, none of which were exactly record-breakers at the box office. And the music from the first and second of those movies comprises some of the weakest parts of this release. That said, however, the simple fact is that even much "off-brand" and second-rate Elvis Presley material holds some interest, and that goes double for the country-pop "I'm a Fool (For Loving You)," the achingly lyrical ballad title track, and "Let's Forget About the Stars" -- the latter two, as well as the 1962-vintage "Mama," in particular, are prime examples of how Elvis' voice could elevate the most improbable material to prime listening, if not exactly a priority. And "I'll Be There" is a fine pop/rock ballad in any context. In acknowledging the virtues of this album, one must concede that there are, obviously, better surveys of Presley's work, from this or any other period; but there are also lots worse ways to spend 21 minutes than listening to this album. And the 2006 CD reissue has the virtue of excellent sound from state-of-the-art masters. ~ Al Campbell & Bruce Eder


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