Jan Liljekvist: The Strange and Incredible World of Dr. Jayne Insane and the Gutbucket Philharmoniks

Track List

>Flesh Converters - Is meat murder ?
>Easy Pieces (5)
>Easy Pieces (5)
>Easy Pieces (5)
>Easy Pieces (5)
>Easy Pieces (5)
>Global Bliss
>Serenade for Strings
>Being Jan Liljovic
>Förklädd Gud
>Flesh Converters no 2 "The Revenge"

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Dr. Jayne Insane and the Gutbucket Philharmonicks is the latest project by Jan Liljekvist, who was born in Stockholm in 1962. This CD is definitely not easy-listening music! Employing electro-acoustic sources, live musicians and sampling, this occupies the forbidden zone between classical avant-garde and, well, rock avant-garde. In other words, the cultists and fanatics will eat this up!


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