Antaeus (Metal): Blood Libels [Digipak]

Track List

>Cyklik Torture
>Controle and Abuse
>Colliding in Ashes
>Words as Weapons
>Here Is Punishment
>Gates to the Outside
>Blood Libels

Album Notes

Antaeus (Metal): MkM (vocals); Set , Servvs (guitar); LsK (bass guitar); Zvn (drums).

Antaeus, a French black-metal band named after a giant from Greek mythology with a penchant for wrestling, present another collection of sonic pile-drivers with BLOOD LIBELS, their third full-length. The band's credo of "Satanic Audio Violence"--a bone-crushingly heavy take on black metal with a touch of euro-goth decadence--is in full effect on tracks like "Cyklik Torture" and "Here is Punishment."


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