Funeral Mist: Devilry

Track List

>Devil's Emissary, The
>Bringer of Terror
>Nightside Phantom
>Funeral Mist
>God Supreme, The
>Hellspell 2
>Realm of Shades - (Havoc Demo II 1996)
>Hellspell - (Havoc Demo II 1996)
>Nightside Phantom - (Havoc Demo II 1996)
>Old Ones Grin, The - (Havoc Demo II 1996)

Album Notes

Funeral Mist: Arioch, Necromorbus.

Thanks to distribution from the esteemed Southern Lord label, seminal black metal trio Funeral Mist see their catalog landing on domestic shores for the first time with the release of their DEVILRY EP (originally released in 1998). Fans of the group's shredding guitars, chaotic blast beats, and Satanic screaming are also treated to the inclusion of their ultra-rare 1996 HAVOC demo.


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