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Matching Works Alphabetically

A Christmas Festival (3)
A Christmas Festival, arranged for band (3)
A Christmas Festival, medley for orchestra (6)
A Harvard Festival (1)
Alma Mater (1)
Arietta (1)
Arietta, for orchestra (or string orchestra) (2)
Balladette (1)
Balladette, for orchestra (or string orchestra) (1)
Belle of the Ball (5)
Belle of the Ball, arranged for band (2)
Belle of the Ball, for orchestra (6)
Blue Tango (9)
Blue Tango, arranged for band (2)
Bugler's Holiday (14)
Bugler's Holiday, arranged for band (4)
Captains and Kings (1)
Chicken Reel (1)
Chicken Reel, for orchestra (4)
China Doll (5)
China Doll, arranged for band (1)
Christmas Festival Overture (1)
Clarinet Candy (3)
Clarinet Candy, arranged for band (2)
Classical Jukebox (1)
Classical Jukebox, for orchestra (1)
Concerto In C, for piano and orchestra (or 2 pianos) (2)
Fiddle Faddle (9)
Fiddle-Faddle, arranged for band (1)
Forgotten Dreams (7)
Forgotten Dreams, arranged for band (1)
Girl in Satin (5)
Golden Years (3)
Governor Bradford March, for band (1)
Governor Bradford March, for orchestra (1)
Harvard Sketches (1)
Home Stretch (2)
Home Stretch, arranged for band (1)
Horse & Buggy, arranged for band (1)
Horse and Buggy (5)
I Never Know When, song arranged for orchestra (from Goldilocks) (1)
Irish Suite (6)
Jazz Legato (6)
Jazz Pizzicato (5)
Lullaby of the Drums (1)
March of the Two Left Feet (3)
Melody on Two Notes (1)
Mother's Whistler (1)
Old MacDonald Had a Farm, free arrangement for orchestra (1)
Penny-Whistle Song (5)
Phantom Regiment (5)
Pirate Dance, for orchestra (1)
Plink, Plank, Plunk! (8)
Promenade (4)
Pyramid Dance, for orchestra (with optional chorus) (1)
Sandpaper Ballet (7)
Sandpaper Ballet, arranged for band (2)
Saraband (5)
Scottish Suite (1)
Serenata (7)
Serenata, arranged for band (2)
Sleigh Ride (45)
Sleigh Ride, arranged for band (6)
Sleigh Ride, popular song (with lyrics by Mitchell Parrish) (8)
Song of Jupiter (2)
Song of the Bells (4)
Song of the Bells, arranged for band (1)
Suite of Carols (2)
Suite of Carols (6), arranged for woodwind ensemble (2)
Suite of Carols for String Orchestra (2)
Summer Skies (1)
Summer Skies, for orchestra (4)
Syncopated Clock (16)
The Bluebells of Scotland, arranged for band (1)
The Bluebells of Scotland, for orchestra (Scottish Suite no 2) (1)
The Captains and the Kings, for orchestra (1)
The First Day of Spring (1)
The First Day of Spring, for orchestra (3)
The Girl I Left Behind Me, arranged for band (from Irish Suite) (2)
The Girl in Satin, arranged for band (2)
The Irish Washerwoman, arranged for band (from Irish Suite) (1)
The Minstrel Boy, arranged for band (from Irish Suite) (1)
The Penny Whistle Song, arranged for band (2)
The Phantom Regiment, arranged for band (2)
The Rakes of Mallow, arranged for band (from Irish Suite) (1)
The Syncopated Clock, arranged for band (1)
The Typewriter (10)
The Typewriter, arranged for band (with typewriters) (1)
The Waltzing Cat (8)
The Waltzing Cat, arranged for band (1)
Ticonderoga March, march for band (1)
Trumpeter's Lullaby (12)
Trumpeter's Lullaby, arranged for band (3)
Waltz Around the Scale (1)
Whistling Kettle (1)
Woodbury Fanfare (1)