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Matching Works Alphabetically

Always a Soldier, for chorus (1)
Apostoli (Apostles) (1)
Artillerists' Song, for chorus (1)
Battery, Go to the Position, march for band (1)
Defilier Song, for chorus (1)
Dormition of the Mother of God (Dukhovnaya) (1)
Ekh, you, Van'ka (1)
En Route, for chorus (1)
For Us You Are Unique, song for tenor, chorus & orchestra (1)
Forward!, for men's chorus & orchestra (1)
Gei, Slaviane (Hymn of the Slav Peoples) (1)
God the Omnipotent (1)
Gospodi, Kristou Tvoïèmou (Lord, to your cross) (1)
Hey, there's the village (1)
I Set My Hope in God, hymn (1)
Ie Din Gospodi (One God) (1)
If War Will Be Tomorrow, for chorus (1)
In His Mortal Body He Slept, hymn (1)
It's Time to Go, for chorus (1)
Kontakion (2)
Loin de l'objet de mon amour (1)
Look with Care, hymn (1)
March of the Baturinsky Regiment, for band (1)
March of the Kavalergardsky Regiment, for band (1)
March of the Pechorsky Regiment, for band (1)
March of the Preobrazhensky Regiment, for band (1)
March of the Saratovsky Regiment, for band (1)
Mchitsya Troika (1)
Men, song for men's chorus & balalaika ensemble (1)
Mnogaïa Lièta (Forever and ever) (2)
Nochi bezumniye (Frenzied Nights), song (attrib. A. Spiro) (1)
O Merciful Mother, hymn (1)
O My Jesus, the Most Gracious One, hymn (1)
O Presviataia Mariye Devitse (1)
O Thou, the Heritor of God, hymn (1)
Ot yunosti moieya, motet for 3 voices (1)
Partisan's Song (Civil War Song), for chorus (1)
Poglasitsa (Priase be) (1)
Russian March, for chorus (1)
Slava Otsou (Glory to the Father) (1)
Soldiers, Brave Boys, for chorus (1)
Stikhèria Bogoroditsi (Hymn to Virgin Mary) (2)
Svetilen Paskhi ("Plotiyu usnuv, yako mertv") (The flesh didst sleep as in death) (2)
Tebe Poyem (We Praise Thee) (2)
The Marine Guards, for chorus (1)
The sun set beyond the river (1)
The twelve thieves, religious song for chorus (1)
There march the soldiers (1)
Varyag, song for bass, chorus & orchestra (1)
We Are the Red Cavalry, for chorus (2)
You Won't Believe How Sweet You Are (1)