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Cantata for two choirs "Te Deum Laudamus" (1)
Cherubic Hymn (Cheroubikon) no 1 (1)
Cherubic Hymn (Cheroubikon) no 6 (1)
Cherubic Hymn (Cheroubikon) no 7 in D major (Kheruvimskaia pesn) (4)
Deva dnes (The Virgin Today) (3)
Dostoino Yest' (It Is Fitting) (2)
Glory to God in Heaven (1)
How great is our Lord in Zion, for chorus (1)
Hvalite Gospoda (Preiset den Herrn) (1)
Ich bete an die Macht der Liebe, for male chorus (7)
In This Day the Lord Has Made (1)
Ispola eti despota (1)
Keyboard Sonata no 1 in B flat major (1)
Keyboard Sonata no 3 in F major (1)
Let My Prayer Arise (Da ispravitsia molitva mola), for 3 voices no 2 in D minor (2)
Let My Prayer Be Set Before Thee, O God (2)
Magnificent on the Annunciation (1)
Many Years (1)
Meet it is in truth to bless you (1)
Mnogaya leta (Many Years), song for chorus in D major (no 25b) (1)
Molebin, Prayer of St. Ambrose (1)
Oslavi mi da pochiyu (Remove thy gaze from me), for chorus (1)
Retche Gospod Gospodevi moyemu (The Lord Speaketh) (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 1 ("I will praise Thee") (Ispovemsya tebe, Hospodi) (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 10 ("My heart is fortified") (Utverdisya serdtse moye o Hospode (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 2 ("Praise ye the Lord") (Khavalite, otrotsï) (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 3 ("Come and behold the works of God") (Priidite i vidite dela (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 4 ("Who shall ascend intot he hill of the Lord?") (Kto vzïdet n (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 5 ("The heavens declare the glory of God") (Nebesa povedayut' s (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 6 ("What God is greater") (Kto Boh veliy, yako Boh nash) (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 7 ("Glory to God in the highest") (Slava v vïshinikh Bohu) (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 8 ("Ye people, sing a song") (Vospoite, lyudiye, boholepno v Si (1)
Sacred Concerto for double choir no 9 ("Priase ye the Lord") (Se nïnye blahoslovite Hospoda) (1)
Sacred Concerto no 1 ("Sing unto the Lord a new song") (1)
Sacred Concerto no 10 "Sing praises to God, sing praises", for chorus (1)
Sacred Concerto no 11 (1)
Sacred Concerto no 12 ("I will sing a new song unto Thee, O God") (1)
Sacred Concerto no 13 (1)
Sacred Concerto no 14 (1)
Sacred Concerto no 15, "Come, O ye people, let us sing" (4)
Sacred Concerto no 17 ("How amiable are thy tabernacles, o Lord of hosts") (1)
Sacred Concerto no 18 ("It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord") (2)
Sacred Concerto no 19 ("The Lord said unto my Lord") (1)
Sacred Concerto no 20 ("In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust") (1)
Sacred Concerto no 21 ("He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high") (2)
Sacred Concerto no 22 ("The Lord is my light and my salvation") (1)
Sacred Concerto no 23 ("Blessed is the poeple that know that joyful sound") (1)
Sacred Concerto no 24 ("I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills") (2)
Sacred Concerto no 25 "We, unworthy, shall never cease glorifying the power, O mother of God" (1)
Sacred Concerto no 26 "Lord, God of Israel" (no 94) (2)
Sacred Concerto no 27 ("I cried to the Lord with my voice") (Glasom moim ko Gospodu vozzvakh) (3)
Sacred Concerto no 28, "Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord" (1)
Sacred Concerto no 29 ("I will praise the name of God with a song") (1)
Sacred Concerto no 32 ("Tell me, O Lord, my end") (no 100) (Skazhi mi, Gospodi, konchinu moyu) (2)
Sacred Concerto no 35 ("Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle") (2)
Sacred Concerto no 6 ("Glory to God in the highest") (Slava vo vishnikh Bogu) (3)
Sacred Concerto no 9 ("This is the day which the Lord hath made") (1)
Sei narechenii i svyatii den (1)
Sinfonia Concertante for 2 violins, viola da gamba, cello, bassoon, harp & piano in B flat major (1)
The Virgin today gives birth (Nativity Kondakion) (1)
Trio Sonata in C major (1)
Venez et voyez les coeuvres de Dieu, vocal concerto no 16 (1)