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Matching Works Alphabetically

A Jubilant Song (2)
Air Power, suite from the film score for orchestra (1)
Air for strings (1)
Aria and Toccata for 2 pianos (3)
Bagatelles for harp (2)
Capriccio on the Interval of a Second, for piano (2)
Christmas Music, for piano, 4-hands (1)
City Profiles, for band (1)
Concert Variants, for piano (1)
Concertante for Wind Instruments (1)
Concertante for clarinet and orchestra (1)
Diversions (1)
Diversions, for piano (1)
Family Album, for piano (1)
Fantasie on a Chorale Tune (1)
Fantasies on a theme by Haydn, for band (2)
From Every Horizon (A Tone Poem to New York), for band (1)
Homage to Haydn for orchestra (2)
Images (5) for piano, 4-hands (1)
Introduction and Fantasies on a Choral Tune, for piano (2)
Introdution and Fantasies on a Choral Tune (1)
Lyric Pieces for the Young (1)
Lyric Pieces for the Young, for piano (1)
Meditations on Ecclesiastes for string orchestra (1)
Nocturne for Piano in F sharp minor (3)
Nocturne for piano in E major (3)
Prelude to a Young Dancer for piano (1)
Prelude to a Young Musician (1)
Prelude to a Young Musician for piano (1)
Salute to Scarlatti, for piano (2)
Scenes from the Louvre, for wind ensemble (1)
Short Intervallic Etudes (1)
Short Intervallic Etudes, for piano (1)
Simple Sketches, for piano (1)
Sonata for Piano no 3 (5)
Sonata for Trumpet & Piano (2)
Sonata for piano no 1 (3)
Sonata for piano no 2 (3)
Song of the Open Road, for chorus & piano (1)
Songs (2) Without Words for piano (1)
Stage Parodies, piano suite for young players, for piano, 4-hands (1)
Suite for Piano (4)
Suite for the Young, for piano (1)
The Assassination (Two Fates Discuss A Human Problem), for voice & piano (1)
The Bluebird, for chorus (1)
The Holy Infant's Lullaby (1)
The Listeners (1)
The Louvre, film score (1)
The Triumph of St. Joan (Seraphic Dialogue), symphony in 3 movements (1)
There is a lady sweet and kind (1)
Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano (1)
Trio for flute, cello & piano (1)
Variants on a Mediaeval Tune, for band (4)
Variations and Capriccio (1)
Variations, Chaconne and Finale (1)