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Matching Works Alphabetically

'S Wonderful, song (from Funny Face, musical) (11)
A Foggy Day (in London Town), song (from A Damsel in Distress, film) (9)
An American in Paris (92)
An American in Paris, film score (Gershwin works arr. by Saul Chaplin, et al.) (1)
An American in Paris, original score for 2 pianos (unpublished) (1)
Bidin' My Time, song (from Girl Crazy, musical) (1)
Blah, Blah, Blah, song (from Delicious, film) (2)
Blue Monday (Opera à la Afro-American), opera (orig. incl. in George White's Scandals of 1922) (1)
Blue, Blue, Blue, song (from Let 'Em Eat Cake, musical) (1)
Boy Wanted (1)
But Not For Me (1)
But Not for Me, song (from Girl Crazy, musical) (8)
Concerto for Piano in F major (55)
Cuban Overture (40)
Dayful of Song, suite for piano & orchestra (arr. by S. Ramin) (1)
Delishious, song (from Delicious, film) (1)
Dixie Rose, song (1)
Do It Again!, song (interpolated into The French Doll) (8)
Do, Do, Do, song (from Oh, Kay!, musical) (5)
Drifting Along with the Tide, song (from George White's Scandals of 1921) (1)
Feeling I'm Falling, song (from Treasure Girl) (1)
Fidgety Feet, song (from Oh, Kay!, musical) (2)
For Lily Pons, for piano (Gershwin Melody no 79, realized by Michael Tilson Thomas) (1)
For You, for Me, for Evermore, vocal duet (completed by Kay Swift, from The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, f (2)
Fragment from the opera Porgy and Bess (1)
Funny Face (9)
Funny Face, song (from Funny Face, musical) (1)
George Gershwin's Songbook for Piano (2)
George White's Scandals of 1924 (13)
Girl Crazy (48)
Goldwyn Follies (25)
He Loves and She Loves, song (from Funny Face, 1927) (6)
Hi Ho!, song (composed for Shall We Dance, but not used) (1)
How Long Has This Been Going On?, song (from Rosalie, musical) (4)
I Got Rhythm (4)
I Got Rythym (1)
I'd Rather Charleston, song (composed for London production of Lady, Be Good) (1)
I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise, song (from George White's Scandals of 1922) (10)
I've Got a Crush on You, song (from Treasure Girl and Strike up the Band, musicals) (6)
Impromptu for Piano in 2 keys (2)
Impromptu in Two Keys, for piano (10)
Improvisation for Piano on "'S Wonderful" and "Funny Face" (1)
Improvisation for Piano on "Clap Your Hands" (1)
Improvisation for Piano on "Looking for a Boy" (1)
Improvisation for Piano on "Maybe" (1)
Improvisation for Piano on "My One and Only" (1)
Improvisation for Piano on "Someone to Watch over Me" (1)
Improvisation for Piano on "Sweet and Low Down" (1)
Improvisation for Piano on "That Certain Feeling" (1)
In the Mandarin's Orchid Garden, song (1)
Innocent Ingenue Baby, song (from The Rainbow) (1)
Isn't It a Pity?, song (from Pardon My English, musical) (1)
Jazzbo Brown Blues, for piano (from Porgy and Bess) (8)
Kickin' the Clouds Away, song (from Tell Me More, musical) (1)
Lady, be Good (33)
Land of the Gay Caballero, song (from Girl Crazy, musical) (1)
Limehouse Nights, song (from revue The Morris Gest Midnight Whirl) (1)
Little Jazz Bird, song (from Lady, Be Good!, musical) (2)
Love Is Here To Stay (1)
Love Is Sweeping the Country, song (from Of Thee I Sing, musical) (1)
Love Walked In (1)
Lullaby (1)
Lullaby, for piano (2)
Lullaby, for string quartet (21)
Machinery Going Mad, for piano (1)
Medley from Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin (1898-1937) (1)
Melody for Violin (1)
Merry Andrew (2)
Merry Andrew, dance for piano (7)
Mexican Dance, for orchestra (1)
Mine, song (from Let 'em Eat Cake, musical) (1)
My Cousin in Milwaukee, song (from Pardon My English, musical) (1)
My One and Only, song (from Funny Face, musical) (5)
Nashville Nightingale, song (from Nifties of 1923, musical by various composers) (1)
Nice Work If You Can Get It, song (from A Damsel in Distress, film) (10)
Nobody but You, song (from La, La, Lucille, musical) (7)
Novelette in Fourths, rag for piano (12)
Novelette in fourths (2)
O, Land of Mine, America, song (1)
Of Thee I Sing (2)
Oh Gee! Oh Joy!, song (from Rosalie, musical) (1)
Oh, Kay! (30)
Oh, So Nice, song (from Treasure Girl) (1)
Poppyland, song (from revue The Morris Gest Midnight Whirl) (1)
Porgy and Bess (89)
Prelude in G minor, for piano (fragment) (4)
Prelude no 2 in C sharp minor (1)
Preludes (3) for piano (94)
Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra no 2 "Rhapsody in Rivets" (19)
Rhapsody in Blue (122)
Rhapsody in Blue, for piano & orchestra (orchestrated by F. Grofé) (42)
Rhapsody in Blue, unpublished version for 2 pianos (11)
Rialto Ripples (7)
Rialto Ripples, rag for piano (14)
Romantic, for piano (Melody no 55) (1)
Rubato, prelude for piano (Novelette Prelude) (8)
Shall We Dance (15)
Shall We Dance?, film score (1)
Short Story, for violin & piano (6)
Show Girl (18)
Show is on (3)
Sixteen Bars Without a Name (1)
Sleepless Night, prelude for piano (Melody no 17, reconstructed by Alicia Zizzo) (10)
Sleepless night (1)
Song of the Flame, song (for Song of the Flame, operetta by various composers) (1)
Soon (1)
Strike up the Band (57)
Summertime (1)
Sutton Place, for piano (Melody no 59) (1)
Swanee (1)
Swanee, song (for Capital Revue, by various composers) (8)
Sweet and Low-Down, song (from Tip-Toes, musical) (14)
Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo, song (from La, La, Lucille, musical) (1)
That Certain Feeling, song (from Tip-Toes, musical) (7)
The Half of It, Dearie, blues song (from Lady, Be Good!, musical) (1)
The Man I Love (1)
They All Laughed, song (from Shall We Dance?, film) (3)
Things Are Looking Up, song (from film A Damsel in Distress) (2)
Three Note Waltz, for piano (Melody no 36) (1)
Three-Quarter Blues, for piano ("Irish Waltz", Melody no 32) (8)
Three-quarter blues (4)
Till Then, song (1)
Two Waltzes in C, for piano (3)
Variations on "I got rhythm" for Piano and Orchestra (26)
Violin Piece, for violin (Gershwin Melody no 40, solo melody titled by I. Gershwin) (1)
Waiting for the Sun to Come Out, song (from The Sweetheart Shop, musical by various composers) (1)
Walking the Dog, promenade for piano or orchestra (arrangement from film "Shall We Dance") (29)
Waltzes (2) for Piano in C major (3)
When you want 'em, you can't get 'em, when you got 'em, you don't want 'em (1)
Who Cares?, ballet (arr. by Balanchine & H. Kay from Gershwin Songbook) (1)
Who Cares?, song (from Of Thee I Sing, musical) (9)
Yankee Doodle Rhythm, song (from Strike Up the Band) (2)