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Matching Works Alphabetically

Adagietto, transcription for piano (after Bizet) (1)
Airs (7) of the Eighteenth Century, for piano (2)
Alt Wien (3)
Am Meer (By The Sea), transcribed for piano (after Schubert) (2)
An Mignon (To Mignon), transcription for piano (after Schubert) (1)
Arabesque, for piano, Op. 16/2 (1)
Au Jardin des Fleurs, for piano (Twilight Thoughts no 3) (2)
Aufforderung zum Tanz (Invitation to the Dance), contrapuntal arrangement for piano (after Weber's O (2)
Barcarolle-Valse, for piano, Op. 16/4 (2)
Bourreé, transcription for piano (after Bach's Cello Suite no 3 in C major) (1)
Concert-Allegro in A major (Book IV, no 19) Vivo for piano (after D. Scarlatti) (3)
Courante in E minor (Book II, no 10) Allegro for piano (after Lully) (2)
Das Wandern (Wandering), transcription for piano (after Schubert) (1)
Die Forelle (The Trout), transcription for piano (after Schubert) (1)
Elegie in E minor/major (Two Gigues, Book I, no 5) Andante catabile molto expressivo e legato, for (4)
Elegy for piano (2)
Fantasies (24) for Piano "Walzermasken" (1)
Gavotte and Musette in A minor/major (Book III, no 15) Allegretto for piano (after Rameau) (2)
Gigue in E minor (Book II, no 12) Allegro vivace, ma non troppo for piano (after Loeillet) (5)
Gigue, transcription for piano (after Lully) (1)
Grande Valse-Romantique, for piano (1)
Gute Nacht, transcription for piano (from Schubert's Winterreise) (1)
Heidenröslein (Hedge Rose), transcription for piano (after Schubert) (1)
Humoresque for piano four hands (1)
Impressions (12) for violin & piano (1)
Impromptu for piano in E flat minor (1)
Impromptu for piano, 4 hands ("In Days of Yore") (1)
Le Cygne (The Swan), transcription for piano after Saint-Saëns (4)
Mélodie méditative (1)
Menuet in A minor/major (Book I, no 3) Allegretto grazioso for piano (after Rameau) (4)
Menuet in E flat major (Book II, no 7) Moderato e tranquillo for piano (after Schobert) (3)
Menuet in G minor/major (Book I, no 4) Allegretto for piano (after Rameau) (2)
Menuet no 1 in E minor, for piano (2)
Military March for piano four hands (2)
Miniatures (5), for piano (1)
Moment Musical, Op. 94/3, transcribed for piano (after Schubert) (4)
Morgengrüss, transcription for piano (after Schubert) (1)
Musette en Rondeau in E major (Book III, no 14) Moderato for piano (after Rameau) (3)
Night Tangier (3)
Nocturne for piano (transcription after Chopin's étude Op. 10/7) (1)
Nocturne for piano four hands (1)
Paraphrase of Albeniz' "Triana" (2)
Partita No 2 in B minor, transcription for piano (after Bach's BWV 1002) (1)
Passacaglia on the Opening of Schubert's "Unfinished" Symphony, variations (44) for piano (8)
Pastorale (Angelus) in G major (Book II, no 8) Larghetto for piano (after Corelli) (2)
Pieces (3), for piano, Op. 12 (1)
Pieces (4), for piano, Op. 14 (one unpublished) (1)
Pieces (6) for both hands (Concert Album), for piano (1)
Plaintive Melody, for piano four hands (1)
Poems (4), for piano (1)
Polonaise, for piano (1)
Posthumous Waltz for piano in D flat major (transcribed from Chopin) (1)
Prelude and Fugue on "B. A. C. H.," for piano, left hand (2)
Régi Bécs (1)
Rigaudon in E major/minor (Book I, no 2) Allegretto vivace e grazioso for piano (after Rameau) (3)
Rondino on a theme by Beethoven, for piano (after Kreisler) (1)
Rosamunde, for solo piano (transcription from Schubert's ballet) (3)
Sérénade for piano (Twilight Thoughts no 6) (1)
Sarabande in A minor/major (Book III, no 13) for piano (after Rameau) (3)
Sarabande in E major (Book I, no 1) Largo, ma non troppo for piano (after Rameau) (4)
Sarabande in E minor (Book II, no 9) for piano (after Lully) (4)
Schubert Songs (12), freely transcribed for piano (3)
Sérénade for piano (Twilight Thoughts no 6) (1)
Sonata No 1 in G minor, transcription for piano (after Bach's BWV 1001) (1)
Sonata No 3 in A minor, transcription for piano (after Bach's BWV 1003) (1)
Sonata for Piano in E minor ("Grand Sonata") (3)
Standchen for piano (after Richard Strauss) (1)
Still wie die Nacht, transcription for piano (after Böhm) (1)
Studies (53) on Chopin Etudes (2)
Suite for the left hand alone, for piano (1)
Suite no 1 for piano four hands (1)
Symphonic Metamorphoses of the Schatz-Walzer from Der Zigeunerbaron by Johann Strauss, for piano, le (1)
Symphonic Metamorphosis On Themes by Johann Strauss (1)
Symphonic metamorphoses of themes from "Schatz-Walzer" (2)
Symphonic metamorphosis of Johann Strauss's "Wein, Weib und Gesang" Waltzes (5)
Symphonic metamorphosis of themes from "Die Fledermaus" (7)
Symphonic metamorphosis of themes from Johann Strauss's "Kunstlerleben" (8)
Tambourin in E minor (Book I, no 6), Allegro for piano (after Rameau) (4)
Tango, contrapuntal arrangement for piano (after Albeniz's Op. 165/2) (7)
The Gardens of Buitenzorg, for piano (Java Suite, Book 3) (3)
The Hunter's Call (Woodland Mood), for piano four hands (1)
The Last Waltz, for piano (after Oscar Straus) (1)
The Music Box, for piano (1)
The Star Spangled Banner, arrangement for piano (after Sousa) (1)
Toccata for piano in G flat major, Op 13 "Perpetual Motion" (2)
Triakontameron (14)
Trockne Blumen (Faded Blossoms), transcribed for piano (after Schubert) (1)
Une nuit de printemps, for piano (Twilight Thoughts no 2) (1)
Valse-Scherzo, for piano (1)
Waltz Poem no 4, for piano (1)
Waltz Poems (2), for piano (3)
Waltz for piano in A flat major (transcribed from Chopin Op. 64/3) (1)
Waltz for piano in A flat major (transcribed from Chopin Op. 69/1) (1)
Waltz for piano in D flat major (after Chopin's Op. 64/1) (2)
Waltz for piano in F minor (transcribed from Chopin Op. 70/2) (1)
Wiegenlied (Cradle Song), transcription for piano (after Schubert) (1)