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Matching Works Alphabetically

A State Divided, A Missouri Symphony, for trumpet & orchestra (1)
Abigail!, for voice, winds, harp, violin, viola & cello (1)
American Dialogues, for flute & piano (1)
American Solstice, for chamber ensemble (1)
Antioch ("Joy to the World"), toccata and flourish for organ (1)
Ar Hyd Y Nos, hymn setting for organ (1)
Arcadian Reverie, for string orchestra (1)
Azmon, for organ (after Carl G. Gläser) (1)
Besançon, fanfare and toccata for organ (1)
Carondelet Caprice, for chamber ensemble (1)
Cherish - Caress, for voice & cello (1)
Chester, fugue for organ (after William Billings) (1)
Christ lag in Todesbanden, hymn setting for organ (2)
Dances (4) for Two, for oboe & violin (1)
Danzas (3) for harpsichord (1)
Darwall's 148th, fugue for organ (1)
Daystream Dances, for oboe & piano (1)
Demarest Suite, for string quintet & orchestra (1)
Echoes from tomorrow, for chamber ensemble (1)
Ein Feste Burg, chorale fantasy for organ (1)
Ein Feste Burg, finale for organ (1)
Emanations from the Sacred Harp, for cello & piano (1)
Emily! (2)
Fantasy and Fugue on Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, for woodwind quintet (1)
Fantasy and Fugue on a Hungarian Melody (Erre Gyere), for organ (1)
Forces at Play, for chamber ensemble (1)
Forest Green, hymn setting for organ (1)
Freedom Suite, for violin & orchestra (1)
Freeing the Caged Bird, for woodwind quintet (1)
Frontier Fancies, for violin & orchestra (2)
Gateway Festival Symphony (1)
Gloria, for organ (1)
Harriet's Story, for voice, violin & piano (1)
Hermas, fugue and toccata for organ (1)
Holy Manna, hymn setting for organ (1)
In Babilone, fantasy and fugue for organ (1)
Incantata, for chamber ensemble (1)
Jubilee Symphony (1)
Kingsfold, fugue for organ (1)
Land of Rest, chorale prelude for organ (1)
Light Out of Darkness, for voice & piano (1)
Lilia Polka, for orchestra (1)
Llangloffan, toccata and fugue for organ (1)
Night Sounds, for orchestra (1)
Nights in Timisoara, for orchestra (1)
O Waly Waly, improvisation for organ (1)
One of Ours ("A Cather Symphony") (1)
Perambulations (2)
Phantasy and Phugue, for solo piano (1)
Phantom of the Dreams' Origin, for chamber ensemble (1)
Pleasure Flow, Tender Mist, for voice & piano (1)
Reverie on Vater Unser, chorale prelude for organ (1)
Rhapsody Jardine, for oboe & string orchestra (1)
Rhapsody Ritmico, for brass quintet (1)
Rustic Scene, for viola & piano (1)
Separately Together - Synesthesia, for chamber ensemble (1)
Sinfonietta, for orchestra (1)
Spaindango, caprice for harpsichord (1)
Sufferer (They Crucified My Lord), fantasy and fugue for organ (1)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, fantasy and fugue for organ (1)
The Morning Trumpet, fugue for organ (1)
The Soul of Ra, for string orchestra (1)
The Sounds of St. Louis, a suite in one movement, for brass (1)
Transformations, for string quartet (1)
Transformations, version for string orchestra (1)
Twenty-First Century Pioneer, for voice & piano (1)
Two Songs From the Sacred Harp, for orchestra (1)
Veneration, for orchestra (1)
Wade in the Water, fugue for organ (1)