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Matching Works Alphabetically

A Childhood Hymn, for band (1)
A Little Adventure Music, for wind ensemble (1)
A Song of Moses, for chorus, winds & percussion (1)
Abram's Pursuit, for symphonic winds (1)
Adagio for band (1)
American Faces, for band (2)
Army Ants March & Boogie, for wind ensemble (1)
At The Strongholds Of En Gedi, for band (1)
Ballet Exaltare, for band (1)
Ballet Sacra, for band (1)
Battle Music, for band (1)
Consider the Uncommon Man, for band (1)
Deerpath Dances, for band (1)
Divertimented Dances, for wind ensemble (1)
Easter Symphony, for band (1)
Elegy on an American Folktune, for wind ensemble (1)
Every Morning New, for band (1)
Falcon Attack, for band (1)
Fanfare Mid-America, for band (1)
Fanfare for brass & timpani (1)
Fanfare for the Glorious Naycart, for band (1)
Fantasy on a Gaelic Hymnsong, for band (2)
Festiva Jubiloso, for band (1)
Gmyway's Revenge!, symphonic suite for band (1)
Graysondance, for band (1)
Gypsydance, for band (1)
Havendance, for band (1)
Hero Music, for wind ensemble (1)
Hopak Raskolniki (A Dance for the Old Believers), for band (1)
Hymnsong on a Tune of Lowell Mason, for band (1)
Hymnsong on a Tune of Philip Bliss (1)
Hymnsong on a Tune of Robert Lowry, for band (1)
If You Must Doodle, Doodle Somewhere Else!, for band (1)
In Praise of Gentle Pioneers, for band (1)
In the Spring, At the Time When Kings Go Off to War, for band (2)
Jolly Walk in Hibertland, for band (1)
Kansas City Dances, for tuba & symphonic band (1)
Kaylen Dreaming, for wind ensemble (1)
Little Mystery Music, for band (1)
Liturgical Dances, for band (2)
March of the Grand High Poobah, for wind ensemble (1)
March on a Russian Hymnsong, for band (1)
Mobbusters!, for band (1)
Nilesdance, for band (1)
On Ancient Hymns and Festal Dances, for band (1)
On a Childhood Sunday Song, for band (1)
On a Southern Hymnsong, for band (1)
On an American Spiritual, for band (2)
On the Cul-de-Sac, Three O'Clock, Friday Afternoon, for band (1)
On the Grand Prairie Texas (A Portrait of the Land), for band (1)
On the Overland Stage to El Paso, for wind ensemble (1)
One Day, In a Small Town... for band (1)
Partita Allegro, for woodwind choir (1)
Prairie Dances, for band (1)
Praises, ballet (1)
Prelude And Rondo, for concert band (1)
Pride of Buxmont, for band (1)
Providence Unfinished, for band (1)
Quiet River, for band (1)
Reagan of Illinois, for narrator, chorus & band (1)
Riding with the Frontier Battalion, for band (1)
Scootin' on Hardrock, for band (1)
Scrappy Bumptoe's Picture Cards and Ragtag Dances, for band (1)
Silver Celebration Overture, for band (1)
Sinfonia Voci, for band & chorus (1)
Solemn Hymn & Rowdy Dance, for band (1)
Summer to Fall, for wind ensemble (1)
Symphonia Glorioso, for band (1)
Symphonic Movement, for band (1)
Texas Promenade, for band (1)
The Chase, for band (1)
The City Symphony, for band (1)
The Cluster Fluster Bluster March (1)
The Fort Canterbury Adventures (1)
The Helm Toccata, for band (1)
The Peasant Village Dance (Threes plus Twos), for band (1)
The War Trilogy, for band (1)
To Tame the Perilous Skies, for band (3)
Von Grrrharts's 613th Regimental March (1)
Wedding Marches (2), for brass quintet (1)