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Matching Works Alphabetically

A French Jigg, for viol (1)
A Galliard no 3 (1)
A Mery Conceit. The Q(ueens) delight (2)
A Pauin (No 42 in Musical Humors) (3)
A Pollish Ayre (from Musicall Humors or Poeticall Musicke) (1)
A Pollish Vilanell (2)
A Question (Musical Humors, 25) (2)
A Souldiers Resolution, (No 11 in Musical Humors) (5)
A Spanish Humour (1)
A souldiers Galiard (Poeticall Musicke) (3)
Alas Poore Men for bass & ensemble (1)
An Almaine (2)
An Answere (Musical Humors, 26) (2)
Beccus, an Hungarian Lord his delight (No 95 in Musical Humors) (2)
Captain Hume Lamentation (Poeticall Musicke) (3)
Captaine Humes Musicall Humors (5)
Captaine Humes Musicke (5)
Captaine Humes Poeticall Musicke (9)
Deth, for ensemble (1)
Duke of Holstones Almaine, The (No 6 in Musical Humors) (2)
Fain Would I Change That Note for soprano & ensemble (7)
Give you go(o)d morrowe Madam (1)
Good againe (No 14 in Musical Humors) (5)
Hark! Hark! (No 10 in Musical Humors) (5)
I Am Falling (1)
I Am Melancholy (1)
M.S. Georges delight (Poeticall Musicke) (1)
My Mistresse hath a Pritty Thing (from The First Part of Ayres) (1)
My hope is decayed (No 7 in Musical Humors) (2)
Now I come, for viola da gamba (from The First Part of Ayres) (1)
Second part, The (No 96 in Musical Humors) (1)
Souldiers Galliard, A 9 (No 48 in Musical Humors) (1)
The Duke of Holstones Delight, for ensemble (2)
The Earl of Arundel's Favoret, for ensemble ("Sweet ayre") (1)
The Earl of Pembrooke's Galiard, for bass & ensemble (3)
The First Part of Ayres, for solo viol (2)
The Lady of Sussex Delight, for ensemble (1)
The Pashion for Musicke, for 2 violas da gamba & ensemble (Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke) (1)
The Souldiers Song, for bass & ensemble (2)
The Spirit of Gambo. The Lord Dewys favoret (1)
The Spirite of Musicke (from The First Part of Ayres) (1)
The first part of ayres (11)
The new Cut (Musical Humors, 27) (2)
Tickle Me Quickly (1)
Tobacco, Tobacco, Sing Sweetly for Tobacco!, song for consort (a.k.a. "Tobacco Is Like Love") (6)
Touche me lightly (No 38 in Musical Humors) (4)
Virgin's Muse (1)
What Greater Griefe, for soprano & ensemble (from Captaine Humes Poeticall Musicke) (6)