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Matching Works Alphabetically

A la Mémoire de Claude Debussy ("Les vagues, les feuilles, le vent"), for voice & piano (1)
A ship with unfurled sails, for chorus (1)
Aeterna caeli gloria, for chorus (1)
Airplane Cantata, for speaker, chorus & pianola (1)
Ane Sang of the Birth of Christ, for treble soloist, chorus & organ (1)
Angeli, archangeli, for chorus (1)
Ave Maria (1)
Ave regina caelorum, for chorus (1)
Cecilia Virgo (1)
Choral Symphony, for chorus (1)
Hymn to the Trinity (Honor, virtus et potestas) (1)
I am the voice of the wind, for chorus (1)
I look from afar, matins responsory for Advent Sunday (2)
In all his works, for chorus (1)
In dulci jubilo (In Sweet Joy), carillon for piano (after Bach) (1)
Ite missa est, for chorus (1)
Justorum animae, for chorus & organ (1)
La musique, for soprano & chorus (1)
Lux mortuorum (1)
Memorial Blues for piano (1)
Missa Triueriensis, for chorus & organ (1)
Not no faceless Angel (1)
Now I have known, O Lord [Al-Junaid], for chorus & organ (2)
O Doctor optime, for chorus (1)
O nata lux (1)
O sacrum convivium (3)
October Monody for piano (1)
Orbis patrator optime (1)
Ruchill Linn, for chorus (1)
Salve Regina (2)
Salve Regina 2 (1)
Sanctum est verum lumen, for chorus (1)
Song (I gaze upon you) (1)
Te Deum, for chorus (1)
The Armed Man, for chorus (1)
The Christ-Child, for chorus (2)
The Lord's Prayer (1)
The Voice of the Bard, for chorus (2)
Thomas, Jewel of Canterbury, for chorus (2)
To Morning (3)
Tomorrow ye go forth, Advent Vesper responsory (3)
Ubi flumen praesulis, for chorus (1)
Winter Heavens, for chorus (1)