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Niblock, Phill

Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis
Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis

2 CD / Wergo / 2012-04-10

Works: Max Eastley: Performance for motors & self-made instruments; Judy Dunaway: Balloon March, for balloon ensemble; Z'ev: Sound Performance for found percussive objects; Akio Suzuki: Ougi, for amplified ...
Performers: Blonk, Jaap; Davies, Hugh; Dramm, David; Dreyblatt, Arnold; Dunaway, Judy; Fulkerson, James; Gallagher, Evan; Glum, Wolfgang; Hirsch, Shelley; Kentrup, Roland [Gong]; Koner, Thomas; Kotik, Petr; Kuhn...

Between 1980 and 1997, artists presented a panoply of exhibitions, installations, performances and concerts, and engaged in lively debate on art theory at Het Apollohuis...continue...
Recording information: Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands....continue...
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From the Kitchen Archives - 1979
From the Kitchen Archives - 1979

2 CD / Orange Mountain Music / 2004-07-01

Works: Philip Glass: Dance; Meredith Monk: Vessel; Jon Gibson: Criss Cross; Garrett List: Where We Are; Gordon Mumma: Schoolwork; George Lewis: The Kim and I; Michael Nyman: Orchestral Pieces (5) for Opus T...
Performers: Behrman, David; Benary, Barbara; Blackwell, Virgil; Celli, Joseph; Chadabe, Joel; Cohen, Richard [clarinet]; Conrad, Tony; Gibson, Jon [class / sax]; Glass, Philip; Goldstein, Malcolm; Gordon, Peter ...
Ensemble: A-1 Art Band

Founded in 1971 by video artists Woody and Steina Vasulka, The Kitchen is world renowned as a leading centre in the contemporary performing arts. Focussing...continue...
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OMM 0015
Phil Niblock: Disseminate
Phil Niblock: Disseminate

1 CD / Mode Records / 2004-03-09

Works: Phill Niblock: Disseminate Ostrava; Kontradictionaries; Disseminate Q-02
Performers: Avondts, Roel; Bachmann, Leo; Bischof, Madeleine; Capece, Lucio; Eckhardt, Julia; Goldfarb, Claire; Mejer, Thomas K.J.; Tierens, Elke
Conductors: Kotik, Petr;
Ensemble: Ensemble OCNM; KONTRA-trio; Ostrava Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra; Q-02
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MDE 131