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17 Lyrics of Li Po (1)
A Midnight Farewell, for viola & vocals (1)
And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma, for large ensemble of Partch instruments (1)
Barstow (from "The Wayward"), for two voices, surrogate kithara, chromelodeon, diamond marimba & boo (4)
Bless this home, for intoning voice, oboe, adapted viola, kithara, harmonic canon & mazda marimba (1)
By the Rivers of Babylon, for adapted viola & intoning voice, kithara & chromelodeon (1)
Castor & Pollux, for Partch instruments (1)
Daphne of the Dunes (1)
Dark Brother (2)
December 1942 (1)
Eleven Intrusions, collection for voice, traditional & Partch instruments (2)
Even Wild Horses, for baritone & Partch instruments (1)
I am a Peach Tree, for viola & vocals (1)
Lyrics (17) by Li Po, for intoning voice & adapted viola (1)
O frabjous day!, for intoning voice, harmonic canon & bass marimba (1)
Ring Around the Moon, for baritone & Partch instruments (2)
Rotate the Body in All Its Planes, music for an exhibition of gymnasts for soprano, chorus, traditio (1)
San Francisco, for two baritones, adapted viola, kithara & chromelodeon (from "The Wayward") (1)
Settings (2) from Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake", for soprano, kithara & two flutes (2)
Studies (2) on Ancient Greek Scales, for harmonic canon & bass marimba (from "Eleven Intrusions") (2)
The Bewitched, dance-satire for voices & large ensemble of traditional & Partch instruments (1)
The Dreamer That Remains - A Study in Loving, film score for voices, chorus & 15 Partch instruments (1)
The Letter (1)
The Potion Scene, for adapted viola & intoning voice, chromelodeon, kithara, bass marimba, marimba (1)
The Wayward, cycle or 4 pieces for voices & Partch instruments (2)
U.S. Highball, for voices & Partch instruments (from "The Wayward") (2)
Ulysses at the Edge, for voice & Partch instruments (1)
Water! Water!, intermission for voices, choruses, original & Partch instruments (considered unfinish (1)
Windsong, film score (revised as "Daphne of the Dunes") (1)
Yankee Doodle Fantasy, for soprano, tin flutes, tin oboe, flex-a-tones & chromelodeon (1)