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Matching Works Alphabetically

'Twas within a Furlong of Edinborough Town (1)
A Blacksmith Courted Me (1)
A Health to Betty, folk song (1)
A Masque (from Anne Cromwell's Viginal Book, 1638) (2)
A New Year's Gift (tune Greensleeves) (2)
A Sailor's Life (1)
A Soul Cake, folk song (2)
A hunting we will go (2)
A quart a penny, folk song (1)
A sweet country life, folk song (1)
Ae Fond Kiss, folk song (3)
Agincourt (2)
All Things Are Quite Silent (1)
All Things Bright and Beautiful (4)
All in a garden green, folk song (4)
Allen Water, folk song (1)
An Italian Rant (2)
And Will He Not Come Again?, folk song (2)
As I Set Off To Turkey (1)
As Sylvie Was Walking (1)
Away with our sorrow and care (1)
Baa! Baa! Black Sheep (1)
Bassa Pompilia, for ensemble (1)
Begone Dull Care, folk song (2)
Bells of London / Oranges and Lemons (1)
Blow Away the Morning Dew, folk song (4)
Blow the Wind Southerly (Northumbrian Folk Song) (16)
Break o' the Day, folk song (1)
Bridgewater Fair (1)
Brigg Fair, folk song (6)
Broomfield Wager (1)
Burden and Carol, for consort (1)
Bushes and briars, folk song (6)
Buy Broom Buzzems, folk song (1)
Ca' the yowes (3)
Captain James, traditional sea shanty (2)
Captain Kidd (1)
Chester Castle (1)
Chestnut or Dove's Vagary (1)
Cold blows the wind, folk song (1)
Come Live with Me, folk song (1)
Come ashore Jolly Tar & your Trousers on (1)
Come faithful people (1)
Come, Let's Be Merry (1)
Country Gardens, folksong (1)
Cuckolds all a-row, folk song (1)
Cupid's Garden, folk song (1)
Cushie Butterfield, music hall song (tune "Pretty Polly Perkins") (1)
Dabbling in the Dew, folk song (2)
Dance to Your Daddy, folk song (2)
Dashing away with the Smoothing Iron (1)
Derwentwater's Farewell, folk song (1)
Down by the Salley Gardens, folk song (10)
Down in Yon Forest, folk song (3)
Drink to me only with thine eyes, folk song (16)
Drive the Cold Away / The Mock Match / The Hole in the Wall / Goddesses, dance medley (1)
Drive the Cold Winter Away / The Beggar Boy, medley (3)
Early One Morning, folk song (8)
Elsie Marley, children's song (2)
Fair Susan, folk song (1)
Faronell's Division on a Ground (3)
Flowers in the Valley, song (3)
For the Beauty of the Earth (2)
Fortune My Foe (3)
Fourpence a Day (1)
Frog Went a-Courtin', folk song (3)
Gilderoy, folk song (a.k.a. The Scotch Lover's Lamentation) (1)
Gloria (1)
Go from My Window, folk song (3)
Golden Slumbers (4)
Greensleeves, folk song (100)
Grimstock (3)
Hail Mary Full of Grace (15th Century) (7)
Hal an Tow (1)
Have You Seen But A Whyte Lilie Grow?, folk song (6)
Heigh Ho, the Wind and the Rain, folk song (2)
Henry Martin, folk song (1)
Here's a Health to the Company, drinking song (1)
Here's a Health unto Her Majesty (3)
Hickory Dickory Dock (2)
High Barbary, traditional sea shanty (1)
Holland Handkerchief (1)
Hollow My Fancie, folk song (1)
Home, Sweet Home, folk song (1)
Horses Brawle (1)
How Should I Your True Love Know?, folk song (8)
Hush a Bye Baby (1)
I Cannot Keep My Wife at Home / Home Again, Market Is Done, folk song medley (1)
I Cannot Keepe My Wife at Howme, folk song (2)
I Have Parks, I Have Hounds, folk song (1)
I Serve a Worthy Lady, song (3)
I Wish, I Wish, folk song (1)
I am athirst, folk song (1)
I can mend your tubs and pails, folk song (1)
I'll tell thee Dick, folk song (a.k.a. "The Countryman's Joy" and "Song of a Wedding") (2)
If You're Happy and You Know It, children's song (1)
In Eighty Eight (2)
In an English Country Garden, folk song (2)
Jack's Health (1)
Jenny Pluck Pears, folk song (2)
Jenny's Whim (a.k.a. "Role the Rumple Sawny") (2)
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me (on the tune "Shipston") (1)
Joan's Ale, folk song (1)
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier, folk song (a.k.a. "Shule Agra", "Butternut Hill") (3)
Jon, come kisse me now, folk song (1)
Just as the tide was flowing (2)
Keep Your Feet Still, Geordie, Hinney!, music hall song (tune "Darling Nellie Grey") (1)
Kemps Jig (3)
King Arthur Had Three Sons, folk song (1)
King Henry, folk song (5)
Lady Gay (The Wife of Usher's Well), folk song (Child 79) (1)
Lancashire Pipe (1)
Last Post, bugle call (English) (2)
Light o' Love, folk song (3)
Lillibulero / Parsons Farewell / Chirping of the Lark / Cuckolds All Awry / Picking of the Sticks / (1)
Lillibulero, lute song (3)
Lincolnshire Poacher, folk song (3)
London Bridge, children's song (2)
London's Burning, round (a.k.a. "Good Morning") (2)
Lord Rendall, folk song (6)
Lovely Joan (2)
Mad Tom (2)
Maids When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man (1)
Market Is Done, folk song (2)
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, folk song (3)
Mervele noght, Josep (2)
Michael Finnegan (1)
Michael Finnigan, children's song (2)
Mighty Like a Rose (1)
Millisons Jegge, for ensemble (1)
Molly on the Shore (1)
My Thing Is My Own (1)
My little sweet darling, lullaby (4)
Nancy Dawson (1)
Near London Town, folk song (2)
Never Love Thee More (2)
Nobody coming to marry me, song (1)
Nobody's Jig / Mr. Lane's Maggott / Black and Grey, medley (3)
Nobody's Jig, dance melody (from John Playford's "The English Dancing Master") (2)
O No, John!, folk song (2)
O Waly, Waly, folk song (16)
O Who's Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot?, folk song (2)
O can ye sew cushions, folk song (3)
Oh, Dear! What Can the Matter Be?, folk song (1)
Old Simon the King (1)
Once I Had a Sweetheart (2)
Oranges and Lemons (2)
Over the Hills and Far Away, folk song (5)
Packington's Pound (9)
Pepper Is Black, folk song (2)
Pop Goes the Weasel, children's song (1)
Pretty Polly Oliver, folk song (1)
Queen Eleanor's Confession, folk song (1)
Reveille, bugle call (English) (2)
Ring around the Rosie, children's song (a.k.a. "Ring a ring o' roses") (2)
Rio Grande, sea chantey (2)
Robin Hood & Maid Marian (2)
Robin Hood & the curtall fryar (1)
Rosy Apple, Lemon and a Pear (1)
Rounding the Horn (1)
Sally in our alley (1)
Scarborough Fair (24)
Searching for Lambs, folk song (3)
She moves through the fair (1)
Shoes ("Shoes rare and good in all"), song (2)
Siege of Limerick, dance melody (from John Playford's "The English Dancing Master") (2)
Spanish Ladies (2)
Spouse of Christ, whose earthly conflict, hymn (1)
Sprig of Thyme (2)
Staines Morris (1)
Stingo, or the Oyle of Barly (1)
Strawberry Fair, folk song (2)
Such a Beauty I Did Grow, folk song (1)
Sweet Angel of England (to the tune Bonny Sweet Robin) (1)
Sweet England, folk song (3)
Sweet Hesleyside, traditional melody (1)
Sweet Jane, folk song (2)
Sweet Nightingale (Down in Those Valleys Below), folk song (3)
Sweet Polly Oliver, folk song (1)
Sweet William (1)
The Ballad of Lord Randall, folk song (1)
The Banks of Allan Water, folk song (1)
The Barley Mow, folk song (2)
The Bear's Dance (2)
The Blaydon Races, folk song (1)
The Butterfly (2)
The Captain's Apprentice, folk song (1)
The Carrion Crow, folk song (1)
The Cliffs of Old Tynemouth, folk song (1)
The Countrey Lasse (1)
The Cuckold Comes Out of the Amery (1)
The Cuckoo (5)
The Downfall of Paris (1)
The Downhills of Life, folk song (1)
The Drunken Sailor, traditional sea shanty ("What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?") (12)
The Duke of York (2)
The Farmer in the Dell, children's song (1)
The Faulconers Hunting (1)
The Foggy, Foggy Dew, folk song (6)
The Frog and the Mouse (English variant) (2)
The Gentlemen Soldier, folk song (1)
The Gillyflower, folk song (3)
The Greenland Whale Fishery, folk song (1)
The Grenadiers March / The Old Mole / Argiers / Chirping of the Nightingale / Grimstock, dance medle (1)
The Hangman Song (1)
The Helston Furry, traditional melody (1)
The Jolly Barber (1)
The Keel Row, Northumbrian folk song (4)
The Lark in the Clear Air (1)
The Lass Who Loved a Sailor, folk song (1)
The Lass of Richmond Hill, song (3)
The Light of the Moon, folk song (1)
The Little Barley-Corne (1)
The Lusty Young Smith (1)
The Maid Who Sold Her Barley (1)
The Merry Sherwood Rangers, folk song (1)
The Milke-maid's Life (1)
The Miller of the Dee (3)
The Miller of the Dee, folk song (2)
The Northern Lass (2)
The Oak and the Ash (North Country Maid), folk song (8)
The Ould Almaine, for ensemble (1)
The Outlandish Knight, folk song (1)
The Plough Boy, folk song (1)
The Prentice Boy, folk song (1)
The Rat Catcher's Daughter (1)
The Recruiting Officer (1)
The Rowan Tree (1)
The Saint Turned Sinner (1)
The Salley Gardens (or Maids of Mourne Shore), traditional melody (6)
The Saucy Sailor, folk song (2)
The Seeds of Love, folk song (3)
The Shaking of the Sheets, folk song (1)
The Sheep Shearing, folk song (1)
The Spotted Cow, folk song (1)
The Tailor and the Mouse, folk song (4)
The Tailor's Breeches, folk song (1)
The Three Little Kittens, children's song (1)
The Three Ravens, folk song (10)
The Turtle Dove (8)
The Undaunted Female (1)
The Unquiet Grave (1)
The Unquiet Grave, folk song (1)
The Wealthy Farmer's Son (or "The Honest Ploughman"), folk song (1)
The Wedding of Robin Hood (1)
The Willow Tree (1)
The Witches (from Anne Cromwell's Virginal Book, 1638) (1)
The Workhouse Boy, folk song (1)
The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, O!, folk song (4)
The bitter withy, folk song (1)
The cruel mother, folk song ("There was a lady lived in York") (2)
The lover's ghost, folk song (1)
The western wind, folk song (1)
There Was a Crooked Man, children's song (1)
This Old Man, children's song (3)
Though I Live Not Where I Love (1)
Three Blind Mice (1)
Through Bushes and through Briars (1)
Till the Tide Comes In / Go to the Kye wi' Me, traditional folk medley (1)
Tom Bowling, folk song (1)
Tom of Bedlam, folk song (5)
Trumpet Signal (circa 14 c.), fanfare (1)
Trumpet Signal, fanfare (1)
Trunkles, traditional Morris dance melody (1)
Under the Greenwood Tree (1)
Virgin Queen / Bobbing Joe, medley (3)
Walking in a meadowe greene, folk song (1)
Waltham Abbey (1)
Water o' Tyne (2)
We'll Go No More a-Roving (1)
Weyhill Fair Song (The Wearing of the Horns), folk song (1)
When a Knight Won his Spurs (2)
When cockleshells turn silver bells, folk song (1)
When the King Enjoys His Own Again, folk song (4)
Whittingham Fair, folk song ("The Elfin Knight") (1)
Who would true valour see (2)
Wolsey's Wild (From the Wigthorpe Manuscript) (2)
Woodycock (4)
Wyth right al my hert (1)
Ye Shepherds, folk song (1)
Your Hay It Is Mown, folk song (1)